This is the place that is built on wisdom

This is the place where generosity thrives. 
This is the place where lives are transformed. 
This is the place where dreams become reality. 

On 1-2 November, Nottingham Ambition Giving Day returns. Together, thanks to over 500 donors and 50 ambassadors, we raised over £100,000 last year to make our first Giving Day a success. Join us this year as we unite to empower students, ignite their ambitions, and shape a future rooted in knowledge and enlightenment. 

Giving Day 1-2 November 2023

Get involved and become a vital force in shaping the lives of future leaders, thinkers and trailblazers. Together, we can transform lives and pass on Nottingham's wisdom to future generations of students. 

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We're taking a trip down memory lane as we build on the theme of this year's Nottingham Ambition Giving Day, based on the university's motto: Sapientia urbs conditur, "A city is built on wisdom". So we're looking for the best piece of wisdom that you took from your time studying at Nottingham. We'll be sharing these with students and with the rest of the alumni community online.

Some of your wisdom so far:

"If you’re planning to do an all-nighter in the libraries, I recommend Hallward. The beanbags are decently comfy for a power nap (stack two together)!"
Clarissa Anne Teo (International Media and Communication Studies, 2017)

"Choose your friends wisely – the people you meet at university could be in your life for a long time to come!”
Chloe Eyre (Psychology, 2015)

"Always be bold if wearing the green and gold."
Martin Cooper (Education, 1983)

"When times get tough, remember how you got here. Persistence, hard work, dedication. Nobody gave it to you. You earned it. And you have a great community around you to grow and become the great person you’re destined to be."
Octavio Hernandez (PhD Operations Research, 1998) 

"In the front of one of my psychology lab books, I wrote “Nihil ex nihilo fit” – nothing comes from nothing. I have found it to be true in life: something always leads up to events. You can read it the other way round too: do nowt and you get nowhere!"
Hal Westhead (Psychology and Mathematics, 1974)

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This year's Nottingham Ambition Giving Day is inspired by our university motto, "A city is built on wisdom". So, we're holding a quiz!

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