Winter volunteering update

Month after month our fantastic alumni volunteers provide hours of their time, expertise and wisdom across a range of activities to support current students.

We've cherry-picked a handful of highlights from the last quarter; the launch of the 2023/24 Black Industry Connections and Empowerment Programme, known as BICEP, one of our illuminating 'Lunch with a leader' sessions, which sees students get to learn first hand from sector-leading alumni, and we catch up with Kevin Ellis MBE, who returned to campus for the latest Vice-Chancellor's Lecture, as well as making time to meet with current students.


BICEP programme flexes new recruits for 2023/24

On Thursday 9 November, the second year of the Black Industry Connections and Empowerment Programme (BICEP) was launched. The launch event was held in the Senate Chamber on University Park, attend by 15 of our mentors and 64 of the students from this year’s programme.

The keynote speaker for the event was Professor Ken Kamoche, from Nottingham University Business School, providing insights into his academic life and early career as a professor of black heritage and offering advice for the students.

This year we have 111 black heritage students taking part in the scheme, being mentored by over 20 alumni and friends of the university. Following the networking and discussion activities, we had some delicious Afro-Caribbean inspired food which was very well received by both mentees and mentors.

Students on this year’s programme are taking part in online group mentor sessions, as well as being offered two student-only events in the coming months, one of which held jointly with NTU’s Black Leadership Programme. We are emphasising throughout all events the opportunities for students to network with their peers, as well as their mentors.

Learn more about BICEP >

Below: images from the launch event

Lunch with a leader: Jon Moore

On 15th November the Faculty of Engineering hosted a 'Lunch with a Leader' session with Jon Moore, CEO of Bloomberg NEF. We had 15 students who attended the lunch, and it was wonderful to see how interested they were.

They found Jon really inspiring and were engaged from start to finish, particularly taking on board his thoughts about looking after your mental health in the workplace and his take home message that you don’t have to burn yourself out to become successful.

The feedback afterwards from the students was very positive and they all agreed that Jon was thoroughly inspiring, and his journey from university life through to his progression to the world of finance was interesting. Some feedback quotes from the students:

“Very good lunch with Jon, he provided us all with a thorough insight into his progression from university to the world of finance. Motivated and inspired would be two words that explain how I feel coming away from the lunch. Grateful for the opportunity that was provided to me, many thanks.”

“Jon is so kind to answer all questions and shared insights on them.”

“It was very informative with a lot of tips and insights about starting a business.”

“Jon was very open and provided a deep insight into all questions we asked.”

“So happy to have lunch with a CEO and chat with him. Jon helped me to see a clear career path.”

“Learning to adopt a growth mind set and to forward plan efficiently are two key takeaways from the event.”

“My two key takeaways were (1) motivation: how to plan my career (2) insight: ways to improve ourselves.”

Our Lunch with a leader sessions bring students and leaders together in the same room, to provide a unique learning experience for the participants. Sound like something you'd like to take part in? Drop us an email!

Jon Moore

How can we cultivate lifelong learning for economic success? Kevin Ellis MBE returns to campus.

On Tuesday 14 November we were delighted to welcome alumni volunteer Kevin Ellis MBE (Industrial Economics, 1984), Alliance Senior Partner, PwC UK & Middle East, back to University Park campus for a day of volunteering activity.

Kevin spoke to 200 people at a hybrid event as part of the Vice-Chancellor's Lecture Series, sharing his thoughts and insights on Cultivating Lifelong Learning for Economic Success and discussing how universities and businesses like PwC are working together to create workforces of the future.

How do we shape the workforce of tomorrow? In a world where AI and digital technologies are changing the careers landscape, softer skills are coming to the fore. Interpersonal skills, problem-solving, teamwork, communication and creativity are the competencies that will be essential for a prosperous economy in the future. Kevin shared his insight on how we cannot predict the future job landscape, but we can instil a love of learning to equip people to be adaptable.

Whilst on campus Kevin also spoke to PwC ‘Flying Start’ Accountancy students about their time on the accountancy course and more information on the professional skills required to work at PwC. Over a four-year course these students complete placements at PwC complementing their learning at Nottingham.

Finally, Kevin took the time to speak to 80 of our Nottingham Economics and Finance Society (NEFS) students about his career journey, his career highlights and leadership, including tips and tricks on entering the world of work and thoughts on the future of work.

A huge thank you to Kevin for giving us so much of his time. You can catch up with his public lecture below.