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Heidi WinklhoferThe Marketing Division at Nottingham University Business School is a centre of internationally excellent teaching and research. It has one of the largest and most renowned groups of marketing academics in Europe, forming a vibrant, dynamic and welcoming community of scholars and PhD students who work closely with companies, the public sector and other stakeholders to undertake impactful research.

It addresses issues that are at the forefront of marketing thinking and its intersection with data analytics (N-Lab). The Division comprises of experts in the areas of consumer behaviour, data analytics, services marketing, tourism management, business networks and innovation, our research centres on: consumer behaviour, data analytics, services marketing, tourism management, business networks and innovation

Professor Heidi
We work with recognised organisations and the industry to ensure our teaching remains relevant to employers and is at the cutting edge of marketing practice. The Division launched its MSc Marketing in 1998, and has consistently developed the course, which attracts top students from a variety of backgrounds forming a global student cohort. Our MSc Marketing delivers first class teaching that is practically focused and yet grounded in the latest ideas and principles.

Marketing Division staff teach the following Business School courses:


Consumer Behaviour (BUSI3033)
Consumers and Markets (BUSI1031)
Managing and Marketing Tourism (BUSI2019)
Managing Tourism and the Environment: Conflict or Consensus? (BUSI2014)
Marketing Analytics (BUSI2045)
Marketing and Society (BUSI3023)
Marketing Management (BUSI2172)
New Product/Service Development Management (BUSI3044)
Tourism futures: the challenge of sustainability (BUSI2028)


Marketing (BUSI4016)
Marketing (BUSI4004)
Strategic Market Relations: Building, managing, and leveraging market relationships (BUSI4388)


Advanced Research Methods (BUSI5020)
Analytics Specializations and Applications (BUSI4370)
Applied Marketing Project (BUSI4168)
Business to Business Marketing (BUSI4435)
Consumer Behaviour and Analytics (BUSI4479)
Consumer Behaviour and Analytics (BUSI4603)
Critical Marketing (BUSI4481)
Data at Scale: Management, Processing, Visualization (BUSI4369)
Digital Marketing (BUSI4484)
Essentials of International Marketing (BUSI4584)
Foundational Business Analytics (BUSI4371)
International Tourism Management (BUSI4574)
International Tourism Management and Marketing Company Based Project (BUSI4573)
Introduction to Research Design and Data Analysis (BUSI5005)
Introduction to Research Methods (BUSI4233)
Introduction to Research Methods (BUSI4323)
Leading Big Data Business Projects (BUSI4372)
Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics (BUSI4373)
Marketing Management in the Digital Economy (BUSI4467)
Marketing Strategy (BUSI4480)
Principles of Marketing (BUSI4471)
Research Methods in Marketing (BUSI4482)
Tourism and Sustainability (BUSI4026)
Tourism Marketing and Communication (BUSI4327)

Details of all modules can be found on MyNottingham
The Division produces high quality and internationally recognised scholarly research by adopting academically rigorous, cross-disciplinary and multi-methodological perspectives.

We work collaboratively on a range of projects and activities and in close partnership with other disciplines and other universities across Europe, the USA and Asia. Our research aims to help policy makers and managers make better decisions and informs cutting edge teaching.

Building on our expertise in the areas of consumer behaviour, data analytics, services marketing, tourism management, business networks and innovation our research focuses on:


Andrew SmithProfessor Andrew Smith

Marketing analytics is a major centre of activity via the N/LAB; a cross-disciplinary facility with a purpose-built data visualization suite.

The centre is led by Professor Andrew Smith and is rapidly becoming a leading centre for consumer and citizen analytics with ongoing projects in segmentation innovation, social network analysis, predictive analytics, analytics management and ethics in high impact domains as diverse as retailing, health, financial services, food waste reduction and transport/mobility.

Our experts include Dr James Goulding (computational behaviour), Dr Gavin Smith (data science), Dr Bertrand Perrat (geospatial), Dr John Harvey (alternative economic networks) and Dr Ben Lucas (marketing metrics).


Scott McCabeProfessor Scott McCabe

Companies compete based on providing superior customer experiences. Rapid changes in terms of technology, competitive landscape and society shape customer expectations, experiences, customer engagement and the meaning associated with consumption.

Our work centres on better understanding the holistic experience and their influencing factors by collaborating with diverse companies including charities, tourism and health providers.
Experts include: Professor Caroline Tynan and Professor Sally McKechnie (emotions and consumption meanings associated with luxury brands, gifting and extra-ordinary experiences); Professor Scott McCabe, Professor Jillian Rickley, Dr Carol Zhang (tourism experiences; identity construction, authenticity, social tourism, and traveling with animals), Professor Sally Hibbert, Professor Heidi Winklhofer (transformative services; behaviour change and well-being) and Dr Anastasios Pagiaslis (advertisements).


Helen PerksProfessor Helen Perks

Innovation remains at the core of successful businesses, yet innovation practices are in flux. Digitization, social media and global competition are driving new models of innovating. We conduct internationally-renown research into innovation in services, products, networks and inter-firm relationships. The group excels at qualitative inquiry and publishes in Journal of Product Innovation Management, R&D Management, Industrial Marketing Management and Journal of Business Research.

Our experts include Dr Zsofia Toth (servitization), Dr Ekaterina Nemkova (cross-border creative decision-making), Professor Helen Perks (service and social innovation, innovation platforms), Dr Sara Galehbakhtiari (user innovation and online communities), Dr Linda Peters, Dr Nikolina Koporcic and Andrew Corcoran (networks and inter-firm collaboration).


Sally HibbertProfessor Sally Hibbert

We have a distinguished, international reputation for research leadership in digitization and social and environmental sustainability. We have a wealth of expertise on the roles of customers and stakeholders in changing market ecosystems, and the economic and societal implications.

The insight that we produce stems from a rich variety of theoretical (informed by psychology, sociology, and critical theory) and methodological approaches (e.g. semiotics, phenomenological interviews, ethnographic approaches, experiments and modelling) and sectoral applications (e.g. retailing, civil society organisations, health, financial services, tourism and luxury goods and services).

Our experts include Professor Sally Hibbert (consumer behaviour) and Dr Elizabeth Nixon (contemporary consumption).
The Division is particularly active in the Business School's PhD programme. The number of our doctoral students has consistently increased over the last ten years with students pursuing research in areas close to our main research strengths. Our PhD students are a thriving, lively and friendly community of full and part-time students.

Our doctoral students not only have access to experienced staff and resources in the University but also are an integral part of our teaching and research activities and the development of the Division.

Our academics support doctoral students' scholarly research and, in turn, help them shape their careers. Our research environment actively encourages student participation in joint research, conference presentations and journal publications. We engage student, staff and external collaborators by organising frequent research seminars that include student presentations as well as guest presentations by leading academics.

Members of the Marketing Division are currently involved in over 20 PhD projects on a wide range of topics.

Our current and recently graduated PhD students

Abbie-Gayle Johnson
Anca Elena Cretu
Christopher Wood
Dominic Richard Vernon Reedman-Flint
Georgiana Avram
Gregor Engelmann
Heppy Millanyani
Koushik Pathak
Made Nadera
Madeleine Ellis
Matthew Voigts
Nora Alafaleg
Patricio Sanchez
Ran Cao
Roberto Mansilla
Sahar Bakr
Somaiah Alotaibi
Tahira Kosar
Vanja Ljevar
Wijethunga Mudiyanselage Heshani Wijethunga
Yinan Luo
YingJia Huang
The following lists all of those journal articles, books and book chapters published by current members of the Marketing division from 1996 to the present day. Please note that whilst other types of publication are excluded, these can be accessed from the individual staff pages on the main staff list.

Journal Articles

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External Internal (P)rovisional

April 2021
Customer Experience: Challenges and Opportunities in the Digital Era
Date: 28/04/2021  Time: 2.00-3.30pm  Venue: Online, via Teams
Speaker: Dr Mohamed Zaki - Deputy Director, Cambridge Service Alliance, University of Cambridge
Hosting Group: Marketing

December 2020
Market Shaping, Innovation and Value Co-creation
Date: 14/12/2020  Time: 10.30am-12.00pm  Venue: Online, via Teams
Speaker: Professor Suvi Nenonen, University of Auckland Business School (New Zealand)
Hosting Group: Marketing

July 2020
'Customer Experience' and 'Experience Management'
Date: 21/07/2020  Time: 11.00-12.30pm  Venue: Online, via Teams
Speaker: Professor Philip Klaus, International University of Monaco
Hosting Group: Marketing

April 2020
Brown Bag Seminar
Date: 28/04/2020  Time: 11.30-1.00pm  Venue: Online, via Teams
Speaker: Dr Linda Peters, NUBS
Hosting Group: Marketing

September 2019
The Tourism Experience Model (TEM): Experiencing and Responding to Tourists' Need of Well-being
Date: 19/09/2019  Time: 11.00-12.30pm  Venue: Online, via Teams
Speaker: Professor Juergen Gnoth, University of Otago (New Zealand)
Hosting Group: Marketing

July 2019
Harnessing the Power of Consumer Big Data
Date: 24/07/2019  Time: 11:00  Venue: A34, Business School North
Speaker: Professor Peter Naude
Hosting Group: Marketing

March 2019
Towards the formation of respect for intelligent agents
Date: 07/03/2019  Time: 12:30  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch.
Speaker: Dr Iis Tussyadiah
Hosting Group: Marketing

November 2018
Dreaming of a White Christmas: Hedonic Consumption in the Mind
Date: 28/11/2018  Time: 12:00  Venue: A26, Bus. Sch. South
Speaker: Speaker: Elizabeth Nixon and Teresa Pereira Heath
Hosting Group: Marketing

April 2018
Leveraging Original Research: Developing and Integrating Simulations into the Classroom.
Date: 25/04/2018  Time: 12.00-14.00  Venue: A26, Bus. Sch. South
Speaker: Professor Tucker Marion, Northeastern University, United States
Hosting Group: Marketing
Service (Robots) Utopia or Dystopia? Examining the Ethical and Social Implications of Robotics
Date: 19/04/2018  Time: 14.00-15.30  Venue: A34, Business School North
Speaker: Professor Thorsten Gruber, Loughborough University
Hosting Group: Marketing

January 2018
Archetypes of service innovation: Implications for value co-creation
Date: 17/01/2018  Time: 11.00  Venue: A34, Business School North
Speaker: Christian Kowalkowski
Hosting Group: Marketing

April 2017
A Multi-Perspective Configuration Analysis for Drivers of Service Infusion
Date: 06/04/2017  Time: 10:00  Venue: B81, Bus. Sch. North
Speaker:  Prof. Stephan C. Henneberg, School of Business and Management, Queen Mary University of London
Hosting Group: Marketing

December 2015
Necessary Condition Analysis
Date: 02/12/2015  Time: 15:00  Venue: B81, Bus. Sch. North
Speaker: Professor Jan Dul, Rotterdam School pf Managment, Erasmus University
Hosting Group: Marketing

November 2014
Public Relations and Promotional Culture
Date: 19/11/2014  Time: 14:00  Venue: C1, Bus. Sch. South
Speaker: Dr Anne Cronin, Lancaster University
Hosting Group: Marketing
Enhancing marketing unpredictability and performace through planning and improvisation: A cross-cultural study
Date: 05/11/2014  Time: 14:00  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch. North
Speaker: Dr Katya Nemkova, Nottingham University Business School
Hosting Group: Marketing

March 2014
Summative vs. emergent resource integration and value co-creation in service-ecosystems
Date: 19/03/2014  Time: 14:00  Venue: A34 Edu. Bldg
Speaker: Dr Linda Peters, NUBS
Hosting Group: Marketing
Virtual Worlds: The New Marketing Landscape?
Date: 05/03/2014  Time: 14:00  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch. North
Speaker: Dr Andrew Pressey, University of Birmingham
Hosting Group: Marketing

February 2014
Living the Brand: Academic Labour in the Promotional Economy
Date: 19/02/2014  Time: 14:00  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch. North
Speaker: Dr Rajani Naido, University of Bath
Hosting Group: Marketing

November 2013
How consumers assemble romantic experiences of nature or how we got a story about a bunch of students into the Journal of Consumer Research
Date: 20/11/2013  Time: 14:00  Venue: C1, Bus. Sch. South
Speaker: Professor Avi Shankar, University of Bath
Hosting Group: Marketing
Transformative Service Research - The Next "Big Thing" in Service Research?
Date: 06/11/2013  Time: 14:00  Venue: C1, Bus. Sch. South
Speaker: Professor Thorsten Gruber, Loughborough University
Hosting Group: Marketing

October 2013
The Art of Business Models
Date: 23/10/2013  Time: 14:00  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch. North
Speaker: Dr Katy Mason, Lancaster University
Hosting Group: Marketing
The Hidden Work of Coping: Gender and the Micro-politics of Household Consumption in Times of Austerity
Date: 09/10/2013  Time: 14:00  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch. North
Speaker: Liz Parsons, University of Liverpool, Benedetta Cappellini, Royal Holloway, University of London and Alessandra Manilli, University of Florence
Hosting Group: Marketing

March 2013
Beyond narcissism: indifference and pollution as features of contemporary consumption
Date: 13/03/2013  Time: 14:00  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch. North
Speaker: Yiannis Gabriel and Elizabeth Nixon, University of Bath
Hosting Group: Marketing

February 2013
Analyzing the Impact of Culture on Average Time Spent on Social Networking Sites
Date: 06/02/2013  Time: 14:00  Venue: C76, Bus. Sch North
Speaker: Kalanit Efrat, Ruppin Academic Centre, Israel
Hosting Group: Marketing

March 2012
Critical Perspectives on Co-Creation of Value: A Multiple Cases Study Approach
Date: 09/03/2012  Time: 09:00  Venue: C76, Bus. Sch North
Speaker: Professor Bernard Cova (Professor of Marketing at Euromed Management, Marseilles)
Hosting Group: Marketing

December 2011
Film Marketing in the Digital Age: Revisiting Walter Benjamin's The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
Date: 01/12/2011  Time: 10.00-12.30  Venue: C1, Bus. Sch. South
Speaker: Dr Finola Kerrigan (King's College London) http://www.kcl.ac.uk/sspp/departments/management/people/academic/kerrigan.aspx
Hosting Group: Marketing

June 2011
Marketing/Innovation Seminar (various titles)
Date: 10/06/2011  Time: 9.30-14.30  Venue: B18, Bus. Sch. Amenities
Speaker: Various Presenters
Hosting Group: Marketing

March 2011
Ethical Consumerism:
Debating Consumption Ethics.
Fostering Responsible Communities: A Community Social Marketing Approach to Sustainable Living.

Date: 29/03/2011  Time: 13.30-17.00  Venue: C2, Bus, Sch. South
Speaker: Dr Terry Newholm, Dr Caroline Moraes
Hosting Group: Marketing
Marketing in the Real World - No Sweat! Developing and Managing the Nivea Brand
Date: 29/03/2011  Time: 10.50-11.50  Venue: B52 Bus Sch. South
Speaker: Simon Edwards, Beiersdorf UK
Hosting Group: Marketing
GUEST LECTURE: Product Placement from Edouard Manet to 'The Morning'
Date: 07/03/2011  Time: 12.00-13.00  Venue: LT2, Exchange Building (JC)
Speaker: Graeme Atkinson, The Big Film Group
Hosting Group: Marketing

September 2010
Perspectives to the Co-Creation of Value - Participants Roles and Value Dimensions
Date: 22/09/2010  Time: 11.15-12.15  Venue: A76, Bus. Sch
Speaker: Timo Rintamaki (University of Tampere)
Hosting Group: Marketing
The Impact of Soft Drink Brand Experience on Engagement Behaviours: A Real-Time Experience Tracking Approach
Date: 22/09/2010  Time: 9.30-10.30  Venue: A76, Bus. Sch
Speaker: Dr Emma McDonald (Cranfield School of Management)
Hosting Group: Marketing
Customer Engagement: An Important Concept for Research About Service Relationships
Date: 22/09/2010  Time: 12.45-1.45  Venue: A76, Bus. Sch
Speaker: Professor Rod Brodie (University of Auckland)
Hosting Group: Marketing
Introduction to the Work of the Unviersity of Tampere and the Work of the Research and Education Centre Synergos
Date: 22/09/2010  Time: 10.30-11.00  Venue: A76, Bus. Sch
Speaker: Tima Rintamaki (University of Tampere)
Hosting Group: Marketing
The dynamic, Co-Created Perspective of Value
Date: 22/09/2010  Time: 1.45-2.45  Venue: A76, Bus. Sch
Speaker: Shilpa Iyanna (Nottingham University Business School)
Hosting Group: Marketing

March 2010
The International Jounral of Market Research: Re-Vitalising an Established Brand in the Journals Market
Date: 16/03/2010  Time: 12.00-13.30  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch. North
Speaker: Peter Mouncey (Editor of the Internaitonal Journal of Market research)
Hosting Group: Marketing

February 2010
Advergaming: A Marketer's 'Mortal Kombat'
Date: 02/02/2010  Time: 18.00-  Venue: A76, Bus. Sch
Speaker: Eamonn Barr (Project Director of Bigfuture Ltd)
Hosting Group: Marketing

November 2009
Value Co-Creation
Date: 20/11/2009  Time: 11.00 - 15.00  Venue: C1, Bus. Sch. South
Speaker: Hugh Wilson & Emma Macdonald, Linda Peters & Andrew Pressey, Amrul A.M. Any, Mohamed Sobhy, Sally McKechnie & Caroline Tynan, Shilpa Iyanna,
Hosting Group: Marketing
Consumer Culture And The Spiritual Vernacular
Date: 11/11/2009  Time: 12.00-14.00  Venue: B18, Bus. Sch. Amenities
Speaker: Professor Pauline MacLaren (Royal Holloway)
Hosting Group: Marketing

October 2009
Brands, authenticity and the practice of identity
Date: 13/10/2009  Time: 12.00-14.00  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch. North
Speaker: Professor Richard Elliot
Hosting Group: Marketing

September 2009
ESRC Seminar Series: Successful Radical Innovation: From Ideas To Market
Date: 28/09/2009  Time: 9.30-4.30  Venue: Senate Chamber, Trent Buuilding
Hosting Group: Marketing

May 2009
The Academic/Practitioner Divide in Marketing Research: So What?
Date: 11/05/2009  Time: 12.00-13.30  Venue: C2, Bus, Sch. South
Speaker: Dr Paul Baines (Cranfield School of Management)
Hosting Group: Marketing
Defining and Measuring Radical Innovation
Date: 05/05/2009  Time: 9.00  Venue: East Midlands Conference Centre
Speaker: Professor John Bessant (Imperial College London).; Dr Vicky Story (Nottingham University Business School).; Dr Samir Dani (Loughborough University Business School).; Dr Kamal Birdi (University of Sheffield)
Hosting Group: Marketing

April 2009
Building Blocks for a International Research Institute
Date: 22/04/2009  Time: 1500-1700  Venue: A8, Bus. Sch. South
Speaker: Professor Peter Laaflang
Hosting Group: Marketing
Understanding the Marketing Department's Influence within the Firm
Date: 22/04/2009  Time: 1200-1400  Venue: A32 Edu. Bldg
Speaker: Professor Peter Leeflang
Hosting Group: Marketing

February 2009
Marketing Alchemy, Brand Narcissism and the Next Revolution in Value
Date: 10/02/2009  Time: 12:00-13.30hrs  Venue: cC49, Bus Sch. Dearing.
Speaker: Alan Mitchell
Hosting Group: Marketing

November 2008
Future cast in Consumer (Misbehaviour)
Date: 17/11/2008  Time: 12:00hrs  Venue: A71, Bus. Sch.
Speaker: Professor Luiz Moutinho
Hosting Group: Marketing

May 2008
Social Enterprise in Disguise? Towards Hybrid Organizational Forms of British Voluntary and
Charitable Organizations

Date: 15/05/2008  Time: 13.00  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch.
Speaker: Dr Celine Chew (Cardiff Business School (Marketing & Strategy), Cardiff University)
Hosting Group: Marketing
'Safe, Sensible, Social' or 'Its just about getting mullered' : discourses of young people's alcohol consumption
Date: 08/05/2008  Time: 12.00  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch.
Speaker: Isabelle Szmigin (University of Birmingham)
Hosting Group: Marketing

November 2007
NPD in the UK's competitive FMCG environment - the example of NUTZ
Date: 28/11/2007  Time: 10.00  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch.
Speaker: Katja Krebs (Business Leader of Tomorrow Award Winner 2005)
Hosting Group: Marketing
Testing a Theory of the Service Brand
Date: 02/11/2007  Time: 12.00  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch.
Speaker: Prof Roderick J. Brodie (University of Auckland Business School)
Hosting Group: Marketing

October 2007
The Power of Consumer Insight
Date: 04/10/2007  Time: 14.00 - 15.00  Venue: C1, Bus. Sch. South
Speaker: Dr Andrew Fearne (Dunnhumby Academy / University of Kent)
Hosting Group: Marketing

March 2007
Some Problems with Consumer Sovereignty, Choice and Identity
Date: 22/03/2007  Time: 12.30 - 14.30  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch.
Speaker: Mike Saren (Leicester University)
Hosting Group: Marketing

December 2006
The Emerging Middle Class In the PRC: Towards the Embourgeoisement of Post-Reform Economy & Society
Date: 06/12/2006  Time: 12.30  Venue: A25, New Bus. Sch.
Speaker: Darryn Mitussis
Hosting Group: Marketing

November 2006
Marketing Division Round Robin Seminar on Future Research Directions
Date: 15/11/2006  Time: 12.00  Venue: A24, Bus. Sch. South
Speaker: Marketing Division
Hosting Group: Marketing

October 2006
Research into the adoption and use of credit cards by urban-affluent consumers in China
Date: 11/10/2006  Time: 12.00 - 14.00  Venue: A24, Bus. Sch. South
Speaker: Professor Steve Worthington (Monash University, Australia)
Hosting Group: Marketing

June 2006
Resource Dynamics in the New Venture: A Network Marketing Perspective
Date: 26/06/2006  Time: 12.30-13.30  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch.
Speaker: Professor Nicole Coviello (University of Auckland)
Hosting Group: Marketing

February 2006
Advanced Demand and the Revenue Management of Services
Date: 15/02/2006  Time: 12.00  Venue: A7, New Bus. Sch.
Speaker: Dr Irene Ng (University of Exeter)
Hosting Group: Marketing

November 2005
A General Model for Integrated Marketing Communications
Date: 17/11/2005  Time: 12.00  Venue: B32, Edu. Bldg
Speaker: Prof Kalyan Raman (Loughborough Business School)
Hosting Group: Marketing

September 2005
From Goods- towards Service-Centered Marketing: Dangerous Dichotomy or an Emerging Dominant Logic?
Date: 29/09/2005  Time: 14.00-15.00  Venue: B2, New Bus. Sch.
Speaker: Professor Rod Brodie (University of Auckland)
Hosting Group: Marketing

June 2005
Factors Affecting Website Visit Duration: A Cross-Domain Analysis
Date: 10/06/2005  Time: 13.00  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch.
Speaker: Professor Peter Danaher (Department of Marketing, The University of Auckland)
Hosting Group: Marketing

March 2005
From Steam Engines to Sunny Delight: A Regeneration Hypermarket's Effect on Retail Structure and Diet and Health in a Deprived Area
Date: 16/03/2005  Time: 12.00 - 14.00  Venue: A7, New Bus. Sch.
Speaker: Professor Leigh Sparks (The University of Stirling)
Hosting Group: Marketing

September 2004
The New Dominant Logic for Marketing: Exploring the Role of Brand Meaning and Experience
Date: 07/09/2004  Time: 12.00  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch.
Speaker: Professor Rod Brodie (University of Auckland, New Zealand)
Hosting Group: Marketing

April 2004
The Contemporary Consumer and the Need for a New Marketing
Date: 28/04/2004  Time: 13.00-14.00  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch.
Speaker: Professor A Fuat Firat (Arizona State University)
Hosting Group: Marketing

March 2004
Fallacies and facts about positive and negative word of mouth
Date: 10/03/2004  Time: 13.00  Venue: B85, Edu. Bldg
Speaker: Professor Robert East (Kingston Business School)
Hosting Group: Marketing

January 2004
The Impact of Marketing Skills and Knowledge of Organisational Performance
Date: 28/01/2004  Time: 13.00  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch.
Speaker: Sally Dibb (Warwick)
Hosting Group: Marketing

December 2003
Network Analysis of Relationships among Marketing Research Firms and their Clients
Date: 03/12/2003  Time: 12.30  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch.
Speaker: Barbara Zuzel
Hosting Group: Marketing

November 2003
Forgiveness in Services
Date: 11/11/2003  Time: 13.30  Venue: C4, CTF
Speaker: Mark Gabbott (Monash University, Melbourne, Australia)
Hosting Group: Marketing

April 2003
Work in Progress Seminar
Date: 30/04/2003  Time: 14.00-15.00  Venue: A81 Edu. Bldg
Speaker: Heidi Winklhofer
Hosting Group: Marketing

March 2003
Work in Progress Seminar
Date: 18/03/2003  Time: 14.00-15.00  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch.
Speaker: Christine Ennew
Hosting Group: Marketing
New paradigms in strategic customer management and research in the sales activity
Date: 12/03/2003  Time: 12.00-13.30  Venue: B19 Edu. Bldg
Speaker: Nigel Piercy (Cranfield)
Hosting Group: Marketing

February 2003
Work in Progress Seminar
Date: 24/02/2003  Time: 15.00-16.00  Venue: B81, Bus. Sch.
Speaker: Caroline Tynan
Hosting Group: Marketing
Work in Progress Seminar
Date: 18/02/2003  Time: 14.00-15.00  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch.
Speaker: Sally McKechnie
Hosting Group: Marketing
Work in Progress Seminar
Date: 04/02/2003  Time: 15.00-16.00  Venue: C76 Bus. Sch.
Speaker: Darryn Mitussis
Hosting Group: Marketing

December 2002
All About Eve?: Loyalty Cards as Consumer Surveillance
Date: 02/12/2002  Time: 12.00-13.30  Venue: A76, Bus. Sch
Speaker: Andrew Smith
Hosting Group: Marketing

November 2002
Prospects for Consumer Behaviour in a Culture of Boredom and Apathy
Date: 21/11/2002  Time: 9.30-11am  Venue: B19 Edu. Bldg
Speaker: James Fitchett
Hosting Group: Marketing


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