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Giulia Fusi

BSc in Economics and Business Management (Catholic University, Milan) MSc in Banking and Managerial Economics (Nottingham University Business School)

Room: E07 (Yang Fujia)
Tel: +44 (0) 115 8431402

Current Status: Registered
Year of Registration: 2016
Expected Completion Date: /09/2019

Primary Funding Source:
Nottingham University Business School scholarship

Research Topic:
Efficiency, Non-performing Loans and Loan Loss Provisions the case of the Italian Banking Industry.

Research Details:
Over the past decade, Italy has been hit by two crises, i.e. the Global Financial Crisis (2007-2009) and the European Sovereign Debt Crisis (2010-2012).
Paradoxically, some of the features that protected the banking industry during the Financial crisis are also the main reasons why, after almost one decade from the collapse of Lehman Brother, Italian Banks are still struggling to recover. In 2017, Italian banks are still overwhelmed by Non-performing Loans (NPLs), their profitability is extremely low and the pessimistic outlook of the Italian economy prevents them from carrying out their basic activities.
The critical conditions of the Italian banking System make this topic deeply worthy to be investigated. Thus, this Thesis has a threefold objective. Firstly, we will analyse the performance of Italian intermediaries in the light of the Global Financial Crisis and the European Sovereign Debt Crisis, providing up-to-date estimates of the cost efficiency of the Italian Banking System. Secondly, this PhD aims to investigate both area-specific macroeconomic determinants and bank-specific drivers of NPLs. Finally, this Thesis will examine whether Italian banks engage in Loan Loss Provisioning adjustments for managerial objectives, empirically testing for the presence of capital management, earnings managements and the cyclical timing of LLPs. This thesis will also pay particular attention towards the geographical location of intermediaries.

Research Supervisor/s: Richard Simper and Cormac Bryce

Division: Industrial Economics and Finance

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