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Jimmy Chi Lung Chim

BA (Hons.) Political Science Msc. Marketing Management


Current Status: Completed
Year of Registration: 2009
Expected Completion Date: /09/2012

Primary Funding Source:
Horizon Doctoral Training Centre

Research Topic:
A Research and Design Framework of Trust for Advertising Web-Based Crowdsource Communities

Research Details:
In light of current research in HCI, there is a considerable gap in the literature on how a researcher could induce interpersonal behavioural trust in creative communities; essentially how to establish the environmental conditions, from which trustworthy behaviour could be fostered and nurtured, between the 'trustor' and the 'objects of trust' in web-based creative communities. Whilst, it may be true that there are models of trust in HCI, these models are more applicable in E-commerce transactions and do not represent the behavioural attributes of trustor's in creative communities. In examining interpersonal trust, the researcher will study the advertising agency sector and the network relationships between the accounts department and creative department, in offline and online advertising ecosystems; with a focus on the internal dynamics and creative functions of the creative department in web-based crowdsource communities. Within, this department, the researcher will look at the trustor's (i.e. creative, individual responsible for creating advertising related contents) relationship with the objects of trust; which in this case is the trustor's professional network with the internal trustee's (i.e. colleagues in the creative department) and the external accounts department (i.e. this is the community in online advertising ecosystems), concerning the creative function of a given advertising related activity. The subsequent research will provide a relevant user-centric platform, from which to explore and further evaluate trust in online creative communities

Research Supervisor/s: Jonathan H W Tan and George Kuk

Division: Industrial Economics and Finance

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