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Aristeidis Dadoukis

BA in Financial Economics Msc In Management

Room: B22 (South Building)
Tel: +44 (0) 115 8467750

Current Status: Completed
Year of Registration: 2012
Expected Completion Date: /09/2015

Primary Funding Source:

Research Topic:
The Regulation of Third Party Funding of Commercial Litigation

Research Details:
Within the legal boundaries of litigation funding, economic theory predicts that in perfectly competitive markets consumers control what is supplied, prices cover costs without excessive profits and inefficient producers are eliminated. However reality rarely conforms to prediction, and regulation may be appropriate in the public interest to overcome market failures arising from information asymmetries. The research focus is 'How effectively are commercial third party litigation funders governed and/or regulated?'

Research Supervisor/s: Richard Simper and Rodion Skovoroda

Division: Industrial Economics and Finance

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