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Declan James Dineen

MA. (Economics), H. Dip. in Applied Economics, BA. (Joint-Honours: Economics & History).


Current Status: Writing up
Year of Registration: 2006
Expected Completion Date: /09/2012

Research Topic:
The development of a Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) model representing the tourism industries in Ireland for analysing the economic impact and distributional implications of tourism.

Research Details:
The data on various aspects of the economic activities associated with tourism are present in the statistical infrastructure, but they are fragmented and dispersed. The Tourism Satellite Account (TSA) aims to reconcile the underlying statistical elements to reveal the full scope and inter-related structure of the collection of tourism products and industries that make up the economic activity of the tourism sector.

Formal modelling of the set of tourism industries in Ireland has suffered from comparative neglect, the development of a Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) model for tourism in Ireland represents a new departure. Furthermore, previous tourism impact studies have had the difficulty of not having specific tourist related national data sets. The integration of information from the TSA into a CGE modelling framework thus adds to the methodological novelty in an Irish context, and provides a powerful tool for policymakers and other stakeholders using the latest technology.
This research will be more than the development and application of a CGE model for a country with largely homogenous outcomes relative to the comparison set of countries for which this methodology has been used previously. There are a number of differentiating characteristics. The Irish case is interesting as we focus on an economy which has no independent monetary policy and no separate exchange rate to influence tourism flows internationally. It will therefore be close to a regional model of the American kind where the states have only fiscal policy instruments.

Research Supervisor/s: Simona Mateut and Stephen Thompson

Division: Industrial Economics and Finance

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