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Karoliina Maria Pitt

MSc in Economics and Business Administration, (Distinction) - University of Vaasa, Finland; BA (Hons) in Business Management - University of Worcester, FdA in Service Sector Management, Hospitality Pathway - University of Worcester

Room: B42 (South Building)
Tel: +44 (0) 115 8467742

Current Status: Writing up
Year of Registration: 2013
Expected Completion Date: /09/2016

Primary Funding Source:
NUBS PhD Scholarship

Research Topic:
Knowledge sharing within teams in the face of problems - comparative case study of management consultancy and fashion industry

Research Details:
This study focusses on developing our understanding of how and why tacit practice-based knowledge is shared in project teams. Insights will be drawn from comparative case studies between a management consultancy team and a fashion design team over a specific project. Knowledge sharing is an important activity in organisations to utilise different key skills residing in different parts of the organisation and to build on them rather than constantly reinventing the wheel. However, many of the early knowledge studies resembled information management, by focussing on explicit knowledge or information as a commodity that can be transferred across and between organisations similarly to any other company asset. However, these often technology led investigations did not bring the improvements in managing organisations and their performance that researchers and practitioners were hoping for. Nowadays, information systems are a necessity, but do not bring competitive advantage. Consequently, to further develop our understanding of knowledge sharing in organisations, and how to manage this social process, the focus has been shifting from 'knowledge' to the 'knower'. Accordingly, this has led to calls for investigating the microfoundations of knowledge sharing, getting as close as possible to the social processes involved in knowledge sharing among individuals. Moreover, knowing in practice perspective adopted in this study further emphasises the practical, social and situated elements of knowledge and sharing of it.

Furthermore, the context of this social activity will be project teams in two different knowledge intensive contexts. This is because today much of the work in organisations is conducted in teams, which provides a platform for knowledge sharing to happen in practice. It is not enough to look at the macro and micro levels, investigating the meso level teams provides the link between individual employees and the organisation they work in. Accordingly, understanding practices utilised during teamwork will enable organisations to manage teams more efficiently. Project teams are often task oriented and under time pressures, while simultaneously facing problems and breakdowns. Therefore, this study focusses on investigating knowledge sharing practices during a project with task and temporal goals to advance our understanding of how and why tacit knowledge is shared in different types of project teams.

Research Supervisor/s: Ken Kamoche and Amanda Crompton

Division: Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management

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