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Kong Man Joey Ng

2003- 2004 Monash University Master of Human Resource Management Accomplishment Achieved Distinction average 1999- 2002 City University of Hong BBA (HONS) in Accountancy Major Accountancy specializing in Auditing Minor Finance specializing in Investment

Room: B22 (South Building)
Tel: +44 (0) 115 8467750

Current Status: Resubmission
Year of Registration: 2011
Expected Completion Date: /01/2014

Primary Funding Source:

Research Topic:
Family business in Hong Kong An anthropological study of well-being

Research Details:
With regards to Hong Kong's historical and cultural contexts, my research aims to demystify an indigenous construct of well-being in Hong Kong's family businesses. The research subject is the Chinese, who work in family businesses in Hong Kong. My study will attempt to examine the ways in which Chinese construct their perceptions of well-being in their daily work experience in family businesses and lived experience in Hong Kong since 1997.
CurrentTeaching: N/A

Research Supervisor/s: Qi Xu

Division: Management

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