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Linda Margaret Read Shepley

FCII. DipM. MCIM. Chartered Marketer. Chartered Insurer


Current Status: Completed
Year of Registration: 2013
Expected Completion Date: /09/2016

Primary Funding Source:

Research Topic:
A critical investigation of the discourses of pension policy reform

Research Details:
This research study presents a critical discourse analysis of the UK Government's mass marketization of auto-enrolment pensions, aimed at reframing the retirement saving behaviour of working citizens. This public policy draws on the liberal paternalistic "nudge" theory of Thaler and Sunstein (2008) and transfers more of the financial burden for retirement onto employers and their employees. By drawing insights from Beck's (1992) grand narratives of "world risk society" and "reflexive modernization," this research casts light on the linguistic-discursive dimension of financial retirement risk. This study finds that the mass marketing of "nudge" may not be enough. Unresolved problems exist that have not been dealt with by auto-enrolment pension reform and which may exacerbate conditions of subalternity for some in lower income groups. These problems are reflected in the sociological and political discursive resources people draw upon when considering saving for their long old age, which shape and reflect wider social issues
Automatic enrolment pension saving, critical discourse analysis, mass mediatization, nudge, reflexive modernization

Research Supervisor/s: Robert Cluley, James Devlin and Elizabeth Nixon

Division: Marketing

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