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Maria Margarida De Avillez

MSc Entrepreneurship, Honours Degree Veterinary Medicine

Room: B34 (South Building)
Tel: +44 (0) 115 8466378

Current Status: Minor Corrections
Year of Registration: 2012
Expected Completion Date: /09/2015

Primary Funding Source:

Research Topic:
The Unfolding of Social Entrepreneurship in the Context of a Developing Economy

Research Details:
Social Entrepreneurship (SE) is interpreted differently by different people. It already proved to be efficient when addressing social and environmental challenges in receptive developed economies. Hence, it is incumbent upon researchers to test the boundaries of extant theoretical development and explain how SE can effectively contribute to global sustainable economic development. Most studies have assumed Western institutional conditions are applicable across contexts, and little is known about how SE unfolds in developing economies marked by unfavourable institutional environments and resource constraints.
This study responds to calls for a more contextual approach to SE studies. The research design is based on a reflexive ethnographic methodology through which accounts and practices of diverse local actors in Mozambique, embedded in diverse institutionalised logics, are analysed.
This study contributes to theory development by testing the limits of current SE hegemonic conceptualisations and models, especially when applied to poverty alleviation in developing economies. It examines the current 'transplantation' of SE into the developing world, and yields newer insights into the inherent potential and boundaries of indigenous, less conventional practices of SE. This research furthers our understanding on how potentially conflicting logics across cultures interplay, within the field of SE, in under-researched contexts. Ultimately, it aims to provide a reflexive critique of SE interpretations and practices which play a role in the legitimation of social endeavours for poverty alleviation.

CurrentTeaching: I have taught on the following modules at the University of Nottingham Tutorials (3rd year undergraduates) "Exploring Perspectives in Entrepreneurship"
Mentoring (Masters' students) "Introduction to Entrepreneurship"

Research Supervisor/s: Andrew Greenman and Anna Soulsby

Division: Management

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