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Ran Cao

Msc Marketing (The University of Nottingham); BA (Honors) International Business Management (The University of Nottingham Ningbo China)
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Room: B26 (South Building)
Tel: +44 (0) 115 8467751

Current Status: Registered
Year of Registration: 2014
Expected Completion Date: /07/2018

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Research Topic:
Understanding Self-directed Learning through the Service-dominant Logic a study in healthcare context

Research Details:
With the advances in information technology and social evolution, customers are increasingly empowered. In the healthcare sector, empowered patients, especially those with chronic conditions, have brought both new opportunities and challenges. Despite the enormous costs associated with chronic conditions (e.g. diabetes), the present healthcare systems still lack a comprehension of the capabilities required to utilise and promote patient empowerment and to support self-management of chronic conditions. To continually self-manage the complex symptoms and the emerging conditions, patients need to acquire new knowledge and skills in their everyday lives, where they are dynamically interacting with other market actors and resources. Despite the vast literature on patient education, little attention has been devoted to understanding patient learning through a dynamic multi-layered service-ecosystems perspective and exploring how learning process is shaped by the sociocultural context. This study aims to address this gap and argues that compared to the short-term effects of the conventional patient education interventions, the impact from fostering self-directed lifelong learning can be substantial. This study proposes that by synthesising self-directed learning theories from the adult education discipline and service-dominant logic from the marketing field, a deep understanding of patient learning process in support of chronic condition self-management may be achieved.

Research Supervisor/s: Heidi Winklhofer and Sally Hibbert

Division: Marketing

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