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Fan Zhang

MA (Merit) in International Social Policy BA (Hons) in International Studies


Current Status: Submitted
Year of Registration: 2012
Expected Completion Date: /01/2015

Primary Funding Source:

Research Topic:
Housing Inequality in China Home-ownership, Household Investment, and Living Quality

Research Details:
With an emerging middle class and dramatic surge in housing market, the share of real estate has been increasing and accounted for more than 70 per cent in household wealth in Chinese cities. It acknowledges that a gap in wealth becomes a major source of inequality. This research aims to explore the determinants of being home-owners with re-examining the changing influence of institutional factors in a transitional economy, to identify the effect of children on household investment holding, and to map out the difference between regions in standard of living quality. Quantitative models are adopted to estimate the hypotheses, using a longitudinal dataset from 2010 -2014 China Family Panel Studies.

Research Supervisor/s: Lina Song and Jing Zhang

Division: Industrial Economics and Finance

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