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Rachael Claire Lamb

B.A. Hons. Archaeology - Uni of Leicester M.B.A. - NUBS


Current Status: Writing up
Year of Registration: 2014
Expected Completion Date: /09/2017

Primary Funding Source:
Teaching Scholarship

Research Topic:
Legitimacy processes in the recognition and evaluation of workplace creativity

Research Details:
Creativity is typically defined as the production of ideas that are novel, useful and recognised. Creativity and innovation perform a crucial role in organisational life, bringing important benefits both in everyday responsiveness and in enduring resilience.

Over the last ten years there has been remarkable growth in the quantity of research exploring employee creativity, particularly on idea generation. Yet there has been comparatively little research into the way that creativity is received by others and how, when and why some ideas are recognised and evaluated as being novel and useful while others are not. Herein lies an important inconsistency that creative ideas are defined as novel, useful and recognised (italics added) and yet the nature of creative idea recognition itself still remains unclear.

While individuals put forward creative solutions, ultimately it is the organisation that adopts and implements innovations. As such, individuals need to influence those with authority and power to encourage them to recognise and evaluate their creative solution positively, and assign resources to implement it. Those that are lacking in political or social power due to factors such as their gender, limited tenure or low status position may find that their ideas go unrecognised and overlooked.

Drawing on literature concerning the socio-political nature of innovation, an argument is presented suggesting that legitimacy theory might be usefully employed to gain deeper insight. A qualitative cross-sectional case study approach is employed, focused on the creativity and innovation efforts of a large manufacturing organisation operating in a number of distinct markets.

CurrentTeaching: Corporate Entrepreneurship (BA Hons) Innovation Management MSc Innovation Management MBA Innovation Management Exec MBA

Research Supervisor/s: Susan Marlow and Lee Martin

Division: Management

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