Director - Professor Helen Kennedy

Helen is a Professor of Culture and Creative Industries. She has led national and international projects seeking to improve women’s access to and experience within spaces of creative production – across screens, VR, immersive technology more broadly.  A key characteristic of these projects is collaboration and co-creation with individuals, grass roots organisations and sector advocacy groups.

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Creative Director - Dr Paul Tennent

Paul is Associate Professor of Mixed Reality, with a long track record of delivering practice-led research. His work focuses on applications of immersive technology in the arts and cultural heritage sectors – particularly on the design side, where he employs an approach based on somaesthetic appreciation of experience.

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Creative Director - Dr Sarah Martindale

Sarah is Assistant Professor of Digital Innovation in the Creative Industries. She is an experienced interdisciplinary specialist working at the intersection of digital and creative practice in collaboration with artists and technologists. Her research focuses on the relationship between audiences and innovative immersive experiences.

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Residency Advisor, Studio Researcher and Collaborator - Dr Ulrike Kuchner, MFA

Ulrike is an astrophysicist, visual artist and curator. She is also a co-founder of the ARTlab Nottingham and a leader of the transdisciplinary collective SEADS (Space Ecologies Art and Design). Her work involves integrating art and science, both as creative practice and as object of research.

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Research Fellow and Lead Studio Artist - Dr Richard Ramchurn

Richard is an accomplished artist and researcher specializing in adaptive narratives, brain computer interface technology, and filmmaking. As the founder of AlbinoMosquito production company, his work has been showcased at renowned platforms like the BBC, TATE Modern, and National Gallery X.

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Research Fellow, Project Manager and Studio Artist - Dr Laurence Cliffe

Laurence develops interactive audio installations and applications, including Ambisonic, binaural and dynamic binaural audio augmented reality experiences. This includes audio experiences with 6DoF where the position of the listener can be used to determine the user’s interactions with the audio logic and the delivery of virtual audio content.

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