Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

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We welcome students and staff of all ages at the University and you will be fully supported to help you enjoy being part of our community. 

Our inclusive approach to student and staff selection aims to ensure we are recruiting talented individuals based on their abilities, no matter what age they are. 

You can expect to be part of a respectful and inclusive environment at the University.  

Definition of age 

The Equality Act 2010 makes it illegal for an organisation to discriminate an individual on the basis of their age. Age is defined as a person belonging to a particular age group, which can include people of the same age and people of a particular range of age.

Information for mature students 

If you are a mature student, we have a number of support initiatives in place for you: 

  • The Mature Students’ Network gives you the opportunity to meet other mature students and get involved in social events throughout the year. 
  • Our Kick Start programme offers you the chance to be mentored by a current second- or third-year mature student. If you have not attended this programme and would like to request a mentor, please email maturestudents@nottingham.ac.uk
  • You can access a variety of support at the University including Student Services Centres, Childcare, Healthcare and the Careers and Employability Service. See our Services for Students

If you are thinking of applying to study at the University of Nottingham, we look forward to receiving your application. Further information for undergraduate mature students is also available. 



Information for staff 

As a member of staff at the University you can be assured that you will be treated equally and fairly, regardless of your age. We aim to have a diverse mix of highly talented staff. 

We aim to support you whether you are at the beginning of your career in higher education, are looking to progress your research, are a leader looking for further professional development, or are interested in coaching and mentoring others. 

The University offers an excellent range of benefits for staff of all ages on the Employee Hub. We also provide recognition for your achievements and offer a valuable pension scheme

You can view our current vacancies as this may help you with your career development. Our Leadership and Management Academy offers a number of ways to build your knowledge and make the most of your existing experience and transferable skills.

Definition of age for staff

The law protects people of all ages. You could be unlawfully discriminated against because you are of a specific age or within a defined age group.  In terms of employment, age is the only protected characteristic that allows an employer to justify direct or indirect discrimination.  An employer may be able to justify (in)direct discrimination if they can show that their actions were a proportionate means of meeting a legitimate aim. This means that different treatment can be justifiable if there is objective evidence to support the decision. 





Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

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