Explore some of the previous inspiring and innovative Students as Change Agents (SACA) projects that have happened across the university. Find out more on our Sharepoint (Internal Only).

Faculty of Science Student Consultants 22/23

Team: Chris Birchall & Helen Waters-Marsh (Staff partners)

Students across the Faculty of Science have been recruited to co-create, lead, and deliver on projects aimed at improving the student experience within the Faculty of Science. The primary concern of this project is to target areas in which the faculty has struggled in recent and previous NSS & NSES surveys by engaging and empowering student partners to take lead on these interventions. This served as a pilot and paved the way for the new rep system.

Themes being focused on:
  • Student Voice
  • Communication channels
  • Sense of community and belonging
  • Wider awareness of feedback routes (LCF etc) and how these work


Natural Sciences: Peer mentoring on a multidisciplinary degree programme

Team: Richard Dickinson and Hannah Brown (Staff partners)

This project investigated the academic and pastoral needs of fellow students who study eight different subjects across schools within the Faculty of Science and planned a peer mentoring scheme to be implemented in 2016/17.


English: Academic support for 2+2 exchange students

Team: Dr. Christina Lee,  Dr. Nicola Royan, Dr. Sarah Davison, & Dr. Leena Kore-Schroder

Through peer mentoring sessions, this project identified ways in which the school can help Chinese undergraduates studying English develop their academic skills. This led to the creation of a Moodle page specifically to support 2+2 exchange students. The project was also able to have round-table discussion with staff partners, Head of School and senior peer mentors on potential implementation of the recommendations, with a specific aim to better comprehend students’ needs.


Maths: Developing Peer Assisted Study Support (PASS) Phase 1

Students defined scope, planned session content and produced worksheets for fortnightly sessions to help bridge the gap between A level and university maths for the scheme’s launch in 2015-16.

Find out more about the Maths PASS scheme on their webpage.





Past projects 1
… if you’ve got an idea and you want to do something about it, this is the kind of structure that you could go about actually making a difference.
Student feedback, 2015



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