Education and Student Experience Committee (ESEC)

ESEC has overall responsibility for the University's academic quality and standards. In addition, it supports the work of Student Services, Campus Life, Admissions and Student Recruitment. This group reports directly to the University's Senate and is chaired by the Pro-Vice Chancellor for Education and Student Experience. For more information, please consult the following: 

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Teaching and Learning Committee (TLC)

TLC oversees the development and implementation of teaching and learning policies. It is also responsible for the identification and prioritisation of all teaching and learning activity relevant to the 'Education and Student Life' section of the University's Global Strategy 2020. The group reports into ESEC, meets on a monthly basis and is chaired by the Associate Pro-Vice Chancellor for Teaching and Curriculum Leadership. For more information, please consult the following: 

 Teaching and Learning Committee SharePoint (Internal only) Teaching Policies and Guidance (Internal Only)


Quality and Standards Committee (QSC)

QSC oversees the University's application of all regulations, policies, and procedures in respect to quality and standards. This includes regular reviews of the Quality Manual, appointing external examiners, consideration of annual monitoring reports, and the approval and withdrawal of courses. The group reports into TLC and is currently chaired by Kimberley Edwards, Professor of Sport, Exercise and Nutrition Education. For more information, please consult the following: 

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Shaping Teaching Enhancement Practice (STEP) group

The Shaping Teaching Enhancement Practice Group is a community of practice intended for the cultivation of expertise and advice, and the dissemination best practice across the University, with regard to strategic educational enhancement areas. It supports senior leaders in their decision making by offering evidence-led intelligence drawn from practice.  

It is focused on key areas flagged in the outcomes of TEF 2023 and expected to feature prominently in TEF 2027. These also intersect with University KPIs relating to the National Student Survey(NSS) and Access and Participation Plans (APP). These five themes are;  

  • Feedback on assessed work
  • Black-White Degree Awarding Gap
  • Curriculum Nottingham
  • Student Voice
  • Educational Gain

STEP was approved at Teaching and Learning Committee in October 2023. It replaces the previous Educational Excellence Group (EEG) which ran from 2017-2022. STEP is intended to go live in January 2024. 

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Education and Student Experience Network (ESEN)

This is a network of Education adn Student Experience(ESE) focused non-academic roles from across faculties, schools, departments and professional services from across the University. The group is primarily intended to explore, share and discuss good practice in Education and Student Experience roles, ensure consistent communication across areas, as well as discuss recurrent issues pertaining to the student experience and, where appropriate, escalating them to the appropriate area.

Since 2017 the University has invested significantly in Education and Student Experience staff and this group gives them a voice and a developmental space. It has ran training events and identified challenges to practice that have been addressed. The network runs approximately 5 meetings a year, with the possibility of additional sessions as and when required.

Colleagues from all levels and areas that are in roles focused on Education and Student Experience are welcome to join.

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Senior Tutor Network (STN)

This is a network of Senior Tutors from across faculties, schools and departments within the university which aims to support, inform and update Senior Tutors on university activities relevant to personal tutoring to ensure delivery of a consistent, high quality student experience and suitable support for Senior Tutors in their role. The group also provides recommendations and feedback on areas effecting personal tutoring at the university. For more information, please consult the following:

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STN Membership list (Internal olnly)  


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