Quality and Standards Committee

Terms of Reference

  1. To assist the Teaching and Learning Committee in discharging its responsibilities for the University's academic quality and standards.
  2. To oversee the application of all University regulations, policies, procedures and codes of practice at the University of Nottingham, including those related to admissions, University of Nottingham Online and apprenticeship provision.
  3. To keep relevant Quality Manual policies under regular review.
  4. To consider Memoranda of Agreement for approval and renewal. 
  5. To approve all new programme specifications/revisions to existing programme specifications. This will include programmes consisting of Microcredential modules.
  6. To approve the withdrawal of programmes upon which students are currently registered or for which applicants hold offers.
  7. To have oversight of the process of approval of all new and amended modules, including microcredentials and University of Nottingham Online verification work undertaken in conjunction with partners and business.
  8. To undertake the appointment of External Examiners and External Assessors.
  9. To approve exemptions from university regulatory frameworks where required and provide assurance to TLC/ESEC that any amendments made, or suspensions granted, relating to academic quality and standards activities are appropriate.
  10. To receive External Examiners' Reports and School responses for consideration.
  11. To receive Schools' annual monitoring reports for consideration.
  12. To receive reports from professional statutory and regulatory bodies with regard to accredited programmes for consideration.
  13. To advise on Portfolio diversification with respect to quality and standards.
  14. To make regular reports to Teaching and Learning Committee on its activities and plans.
  15. To make regular reports to Faculty meetings on its activities and plans, as well as receive Faculty concerns relating to Quality Assurance matters.
  16. To establish working groups or commission individuals to carry out detailed work under the Committee's oversight.
  17. To receive minutes and consider reports of constituted sub committees and working groups.
  18. To provide advice to University senior committees on the implications for quality and standards of any educational strategic and policies under development.
  19. Support the University's engagement with regulators in respect to external quality requirements and activities.
  20. Members normally sit on the Committee for 4-5 years.


Chair: Professor Kim Edwards

Deputy Chair: Professor Harriet Allen

For each Faculty/Campus Representative: 

  Arts:  Sean Matthews (UG), Monica White (PG)
  Social Sciences: David Harvey (UG), Anne Emerson (PG)
  Science: Shailesh Mistry (UG),Colin Johnson (PG)
  Engineering: Barbara Turnbull (UG), Ed Morris (PG)
  Medicine and Health Sciences: Ian Kerr (UG), Alison Mostyn (PG)
  Malaysia Campus: Wei Keong Too, Jessica Price, TBC
  Ningbo Campus: Hing Kai Chan, Dave Towey, Derek Irwin, TBC

Chair of Foundation Year Committee: Beverley Allan

Inter-Campus Quality Officer: Vacant

Adademic Director of Degree Apprenticeships: Jonathan Tallant

Education Officers of the Students' Union/Association (one per campus):
   Tu Anh Do (Nottingham Campus)
    Lhayanesh Kunalan (Malaysia Campus)
   Yifei Shao (Ningbo Campus)

Postgraduate Officer: River Butterworth

Associate Director Quality and Student Management System: Sandra Mienczakowski

Head of Student Registry: Joo Pei Poh

Director of Academic Services Office: Maggie Yang

Deputy Director of Registry and Academic Affairs: Tracey George

Associate Director Student Wellbeing: Claire Thompson

Associate Pro-Vice-Chancellor for the Researcher Academy: Richard Graham

Associate Director Education Excellence: Vacant

Head of Operations, Institute for Professional and Workbased Learning: Alison Reeves

Head of Education Excellence Support: Sarah Seeley

Secretary: Hayley Robinson

(updated February 2024)

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