The Constitution and Powers of Senate are governed by Statute (Section 8) and Ordinances (XIII, XIV and XV)



Professor Shearer West

Deputy Vice-Chancellor



Professor Dame Jessica Corner, Professor Nick Miles, Professor Sarah O'Hara

Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Provost, UNMC

Professor Graham Kendall

Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Provost, UNNC

Professor Chris Rudd

Faculty Pro-Vice-Chancellors and Engineering Associate Pro-Vice-Chancellors

Professor Jeremy Gregory (Arts)
Professor Andy Long (Engineering)
Professor John Atherton (Medicine and Health Sciences)
Professor Kevin Shakesheff (Science)
Professor Todd Landman (Social Sciences)
Professor Sam Kingman (Engineering)
Professor Phil Shipway (Engineering)
Professor Sarah Sharples (Engineering)

Heads of Schools

Professor Svenja Adolphs (English)
Professor Mark Pearce (Humanities)
Professor Nicola Mclelland (Cultures, Languages and Area Studies)

Professor Tony Avery (Medicine)
Professor Vicky Chapman (Life Sciences) - Acting Head
Professor Jo Lymn (Health Sciences)
Professor Gary England (Veterinary Medicine and Science)

Professor Simon Langley-Evans (Biosciences)
Professor Steven Howdle (Chemistry)
Professor Jon Garibaldi (Computer Science)
Professor Ian Dryden (Mathematical Sciences)
Professor Clive Roberts (Pharmacy)
Professor Mike Merrifield (Physics and Astronomy)
Professor Paul McGraw (Psychology)

Professor Jim Devlin (Nottingham University Business School)
Professor Kevin Lee (Economics)
Professor Andy Noyes (Education)
Professor Matthew Smallman-Raynor (Geography)
Professor Nigel White (Law) 
Professor Wyn Rees (Politics and International Relations)
Professor Ian Shaw (Sociology and Social Policy)

Professors other than Heads of Schools (10)

Professor Stephanie Allen (Pharmacy)
Professor Kevin Bales (Politics and International Relations)
Professor Andreas Bieler (Politics and International Relations)
Professor Estelle Derclaye (Law)
Professor Helen Lovatt (Humanities - Classics)
Professor Zoe Trodd (Cultures, Languages and Area Studies) 
Professor Marion Walker (Medicine)
3 to be elected

Chair of Quality and Standards Committee

Professor Phil Shipway

Vice-Provosts and Faculty Deans, UNMC

Professor Fon Sim Ong (Vice-Provost, Teaching and Learning)
Professor Claire O'Malley (Vice-Provost, Research and Knowledge Exchange)
Professor Andy Chan (Dean, Faculty of Engineering)
Professor Lee Chew Ging (Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences)
Professor Andrew Morris (Dean, Faculty of Science)

Vice-Provosts and Faculty Deans, UNNC

Professor Uwe Aickelin (Vice-Provost, Teaching and Learning)
Professor Sam Shen (Vice-Provost, External Relations)
Professor Chris Gerada (Vice-Provost, Research and Knowledge Exchange)
Professor Martin Lockett (Dean, Faculty of Business)
Professor Geoff Hall (Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences)
Professor Tao Wu (Dean, Faculty of Science and Engineering)
Professor May Tan Mullins (Dean, Graduate School) 

Academic Representatives from International Campuses

UNNC: Dr Peter Morgan, Professor Stephen Morgan, Dr Odette Paramor
UNMC: Professor Festo Massawe, Professor Amin Malek Mohammadi, Dr Svenja Hanson

Representatives of the Non-Professorial Academic and Research Staff (30)

Dr Gabriele Neher (2020), Dr Christopher Phelps (2020), Dr Nick Thomas (2020)
3 to be elected

Dr Pearl Agyakwa (2020), Dr Davide De Focatiis (2020), Dr Rachel L Gomes (2020),
Dr Rod Mackenzie (2020), Dr Iain Paterson-Stephens (2020), Dr Katy Voisey (2020)

Medicine and Health Sciences:
Dr Mark Cole (2020), Dr Michelle Hall (2018), Dr Ada Hui (2020),
Dr Rachael Murray (2020), Dr Sonia Ratib (2020), 1 to be elected

Dr Preeti Jethwa (2018), Dr June McCombie (2020), Dr Beatriz Olmos Sanchez (2020),
3 to be elected

Social Sciences:
Dr Richard Field (2020), Dr Andrea Tosato (2020), Dr Fabio Tufano (2020)
3 to be elected

Student Members

Cassie O'Boyle (Education Officer)
Yolanda King (Postgraduate Officer)
Charles Coleman (Faculty of Arts UG rep)
Adam Blakey (Faculty of Science UG rep)
Salome Sanchez (Faculty of Engineering UG rep)
Anna Cruse (Faculty of Arts PGR rep)
Urszula Plust (Faculty of Social Sciences PGR rep)
1 to be confirmed

President of Students' Association, UNMC

to be confirmed

President of Students' Union, UNNC

to be confirmed



(membership updated November 2017) 

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