The Constitution of Council is governed by Statute (Section 6 and Section 7) and Ordinance X

List of Council members giving details of their other trustee appointments



Chair of Council and Pro-Chancellor: John Mills

Vice-Chair of Council: Nora Senior

Pro-Chancellor: Dr Hamid Mughal

Treasurer: Steve Walton

President and Vice-Chancellor: Professor Shearer West

   Professor Dame Jessica Corner, Professor Andy Long, Professor Sarah O'Hara

Staff Members:
   Professor Tony Avery (Medicine)
   Dr Rachel Gomes (Engineering)
   Professor Kevin Lee (Economics) 
   Dr Gabriele Neher (Humanities - Arts History)
   Professor Clive Roberts (Phamacy

External Members (neither staff nor students):
   Simon Amess (2020)
   Vicky Bailey (2022)
   Lynette Eastman (2020)
   Sonya Leydecker (2022)   
   Sherry Madera (2022)  
   Carolyn Morgan (2020) 
   Trevor Moss (2019) 
   Sir Keith O'Nions 
   David Tilly (2020) 
   Neil Watkinson (2019)
Student Representatives:
   Cassie O'Boyle (Education Officer)
   Zoe Mackenzie (Equal Opportunities and Welfare Officer)

Secretary: Registrar

(updated January 2019)

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