During your time at the University, you are expected to adhere to the following basic principles/requests:

  • Treat all with dignity and respect - we require all members of the University community, including agency workers, to treat each other with dignity and respect in accordance with our Dignity Policy. Should you feel that this is not happening, you should raise your concerns with your agency. Alternatively, where there is an allegation that you have failed to treat others with dignity and respect, this will be investigated and appropriate action taken, which may include terminating your engagement with us.
  • Comply with health and safety requirements – We all have a duty under the law to work safely and not to do anything which would make things unsafe for either yourself or others. As such, as part of your engagement with us you are required to co-operate over matters of health and safety. For further details please refer to the Safety Office.
  • Retain confidentiality – When dealing with confidential information make sure that this is not disclosed to any unauthorised persons.
  • No smoking – We do not permit smoking within any of our premises or vehicles, should you wish to smoke you should do at least 10 metres away from any doors or office windows.
  • Report all absences to your agency - Where pregnant, agency workers should advise their agency and their University of Nottingham manager of this, so that appropriate support in attending any ante-natal or medical appointments can be offered and a risk assessment undertaken.
  • Carry your University KeyCard - (if allocated one) with you at all times when at the University, and return it to your University manager, at the end of your engagement. This will only be activated for the period of your engagement.
  • Use of IT facilities – If you need IT access to perform your placement duties, you will be given an Associate Account.  Further information on the use of the University's IT facilities is available here.












Last edited Jan 02, 2018