Terms and Conditions

These will be as defined by your agency. However, from1 October 2011 should you attain a 12-week qualifying period with us,your agency will be responsible for ensuring that you receive the samebasic terms and conditions that you would have received if recruiteddirectly to us.

These include basic provisions such as pay, annual leave, working time and time off for ante-natal appointments.

Should you attain a 12-week qualifying period and have any concerns or queries in relation to your terms and conditions, these should ideally be raised informally with your agency in the first instance. They will then liaise with us and/or your University of Nottingham manager, as appropriate in order to provide a response. Should you remain dissatisfied, you may wish to put your concerns/queries in writing to your agency, who in turn will respond within 28 days of receipt. If you still feel that the issue remains unresolved having received their written response, you may wish to write to the customary Human Resources Business Partner for the University department within which you are placed.

Should your concerns/queries relate to your ability to access any of the University’s facilities/vacancy information or pregnancy provisions (detailed within the Temporary Staffing Solutions section) please speak with your University of Nottingham manager. Should you feel that your issue remains unresolved you may wish to put your concerns in writing to your University of Nottingham manager, who in turn will provide a written response within 28 days.







Last edited Jan 02, 2018