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Featured video: 'What is the difference between Theology and Religious Studies?'

Professor Alison Milbank explains the difference between two closely related, and often confused, disciplines. Theology seeks explanation taking God into the account. Religious Studies focuses on the human phenomenon of religion.

Why study...

Screengrab of studio interview of academic for a Why study... video

In a series of 10-minute videos, our academic staff from across the department explain:

  • Why they study particular problems, periods and people
  • Why they find these topics so fascinating and important.

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Objects of belief

Screengrab of studio interview of academic from Objects of Belief video

In every system of belief, humans express their religious belief with objects.

From obvious religious symbols to everyday items, these objects give us an insight into how people view themselves, their universe, and matters of ultimate concern.

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Sacred calendar

Screengrab of studio interview of academic from Sacred Calendar video

Celebrating the passing of time is a key way that religions express themselves as communities; and the various calendars they produce become central to their identities.

Our 'Sacred calendar' series of videos explores how every religion has a calendar of its own.

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Theologians in conversation

Screengrab of studio interview of academic from Theologian in Conversation video

Theology thrives on discussion, and academic theology aims to create a space of discourse in place of discord. 

In these videos, theologians discuss their work and questions that they see as significant today.

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Bibledex - a video about every book in the Bible 

Screengrab of academic talking in front of bookshelves from Bibledex video

Bibledex is a project run in conjunction with video journalist Brady Haran.

The videos offer academic insights into what is probably the most famous collection of books in history.

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Lectures and research seminars

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Explore our collection of videos from selected guest lectures and research seminars, hosted by the Department of Theology and Religious Studies.

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