Sustainable and resilient food systems

Food supplies are threatened by extreme weather, diminishing water supplies and geopolitical instability, such as the war in Ukraine. Our work aims to investigate the various vulnerabilities that is facing our food system and how to adapt solutions that are environmentally friendly, and people focused.

Our researchers answer the following question, using expertise and facilities within the University and beyond: How can we make our food system less fragile and more resilient?


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Farmer walking across path
Regenerative Agriculture

Using advanced technologies to better understand soil structures so we can improve our agricultural practices

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Bowl of seeds spilling out
Crop Diversification Unit

Making underutilised and overlooked crops part of mainstream diets

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Plant Phenotyping

Understanding plant features to better feed our planet

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Researchers measuring crop
Rhizosphere Innovation

Developing a better understanding of how soil and roots interact with each other

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Past, Present and Future Agricultural Systems

How can we develop crops and livestocks that are resilient to climate change?

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