We are always looking to build partnerships with businesses for term-time and year-long placements, as well as summer internships. We are always keen to support organisations who wish to build talent pipelines to attract graduates with both the faculty and the wider university. 

Our students develop a variety of technical and transferable skills while studying across a wide range of subjects. They are particularly keen to undertake experiential learning opportunities as interns to apply their skills and learning in a real-world environment.

We currently work with a range of employers, including SMEs, large corporations, charities, governmental and non-governmental organisations. Current partners include Deloitte, Lloyds Bank, Ministry of Defence, Nottinghamshire Police, The Prince's Trust Walgreens Boots Alliance, and both Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Councils. 

Our placement partnerships are long lasting and mutually beneficial. They also cover areas such as access to academics, joint funding bids, guest lectures and research as well as providing targetted applications to any Graduate Schemes you may run.


Add value to your business

  • Access a rich and diverse talent pool
  • Raise your company's profile among potential future employees 
  • Work with students from a wide range of disciplines, including law, business and accounting, economics and statistics, education, sociology, criminology, geography, politics and international relations
  • All our interns receive pre- and post-placement workshops to ensure they are well prepared
  • Previous interns have made many valuable and, in some cases, major contributions to host organisations while on placement - read The Ditchley Foundation's Martin Smith’s case study about the value of working with our interns

Email us to express your interest

Natasha Johnson-Richards from Go Digit All discusses the value and impact of student interns for her organisation.



Partner sectors

Placement partners come from fields as diverse as:

  • Banking and finance 
  • Government departments, including local councils 
  • Third-sector organisations and NGOs 
  • Think-tanks, lobbying, pressure and advocacy groups 
  • Management consultancies 
  • Legal services such as appeals, courts and probation 
  • Local and national politics including supporting MPs of all parties 
  • Overseas organisations 
  • Commercial and local businesses 
  • Local and national media 
  • Further or higher education 
  • EU and United Nations organisations 
  • Market and statistical research

Student skillset examples

  • Communications, marketing and public relations
  • Accountancy and business consultancy 
  • Legal practice including conveyancing 
  • Research, research design and market research 
  • Conducting and organising surveys 
  • Statistics and quantitative/qualitative data analysis 
  • Evaluating information and advisory skills 
  • Languages 
  • Public and social policy 
  • Social and global justice 
  • International relations 
  • Presentation and editing skills 
  • Teamwork, time management and self-organisation 
  • Debating and negotiation 
  • Networking and liaison

Placement role examples

  • Social Impact Researcher
  • Business Development Officer
  • Political Research Officer
  • Marketing and PR Officer 
  • Events and Campaigns Assistant 
  • Strategy and Commissioning Assistant 
  • Partnerships and Networking Assistant 
  • Global Conflict Resolution Intern 
  • Statistical Analyst and Researcher 
  • Defence Against Terrorism Analyst 
  • Funding Bids Writer

See our student stories

Megan Collins

Megan Collins (BA Politics and International Relations) taking part in the live BBC 2019 ‘Election Special’ via the Faculty Placements Programme. Megan also took advantage of other Faculty placement opportunities including as a Junior Data Analyst at The Advanced Data Analysis Centre, and as a Marketing Intern with the University External Relations team. Since graduating she has worked for both Deloitte and PwC as an Analyst.

Selina Khan

Selina Khan outside No.10 Dowing Street. After completing a number of our university placements, Selina has enjoyed a successful career in marketing and communications in both government and business sector.

Amelia Balls

At the end of her placement, Amelia Balls was invited to present her research at the Ministry of Defence prestigious DSTL conference.


A small selection of our numerous placements and internship partners

Enodo Economics

The Pythian Club

Ditchley Foundation


Nottinghamshire Police


Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Refugee Forum


Nottingham City Council

Nottinghamshire County Council

Rosie May Foundation

Ministry of Defence



Employer testimonials

The student base is one of the most motivated and qualified that I have come across in a long time, a combination which ensures we are provided with dedicated students, eager to learn while simultaneously able to produce high-quality work.

The fact that the students can either come to the office or work remotely also adds a highly useful element of flexibility to the programme – for both of us.

The university's support streamlines the intern selection process; short-listing applicants whose profiles most fit the job, and remaining a reassuring background presence that you can turn to.

Josie Lianna Kaye, Director, TrustWorks Global – France


It has been a pleasure working with you to host Nottingham students.

Billie Bradley and Bethan Khesro delivered their assignments to very high professional standards. The marketing and communication strategy and plan they produced will have a significant impact on the survival and future development of the organisation.

They have provided creative ideas which will help the organisation achieve its objectives.

Nadeem Haider, Placements Supervisor (Community Development), Muslim Community Organisation – Nottingham


The University of Nottingham's placement module is a really valuable opportunity for both students and partner organisations. We have been extremely lucky to have a number of dedicated, hard-working students join us for a term and get involved in one or more of our campaigns, across either the research or communications departments.

In addition to helping us with our work (through undertaking original research or writing blog posts), students have also had real-world impact. In addition to being beneficial to partner organisations, the placement module allows students to gain practical, behind the scenes experience and insight into professional life, and a taster of what it’s like to work for a particular type of organisation, which they can take into account when deciding on their future career path.

Thanks to the work of the placement team at the university, the process is very simple for organisations, with the university itself being in charge of shortlisting and matching applicants to our requirements.

As a relatively small organisation, it is also handy for us that students are able to work remotely for most of their placement, though it is always lovely to host them in our office so that they can experience the day-to-day work of our organisation first-hand. I would highly recommend the placement module to other organisations.

Michela Palese, Research and Policy Manager at the Electoral Reform Society


The organisation of the placement was very efficient, and the support and advice given to placement providers and students in establishing the role was helpful.

I was hugely impressed by my first placement student, Dominic Law. His skill set was an excellent match for the work we needed to complete, which was extremely varied! Most importantly, his attitude to work has been exemplary, and he has thrown himself into whatever tasks we offered, including manual tasks (dismantling a video booth), data gathering and entry (repetitive but essential), complex analysis of survey returns and production of event reports.

My only regret at the end of the placement was that we couldn't retain him for longer.

Dr Alison Gardner, The Rights Lab – Nottingham