Packing for your flight

You're almost ready to join us at Nottingham. Before setting out, make sure you have everything you need for a smooth journey.

This page was last updated on 05 May 2022 at 14:32 (GMT)

You can access practical advice guides from Study UK on travel advice, health services, managing your money and personal safety within the UK.


Before you leave

To find out what you need to do before you leave and travel to Nottingham, please visit our entering the UK webpage.

If you are unable to arrive in time for the start date of your course, see our guidance on late arrival for some important information. You must not travel to the UK if you will be unable to arrive before the final registration deadline.



Packing your suitcase

When you pack for your journey to the UK, think about what you most need or want to have with you. Make sure you don't pack more than you can carry.

You don't need to bring bedding and kitchenware from home as you can easily buy these in Nottingham. If you will stay in campus accommodation, you can purchase a bedding pack through our online store.

Bring some warm and waterproof clothing for your journey to the UK. It's a good idea to check an online weather forecast before you travel to find out what kind of temperatures and weather to expect on arrival. Don't worry about bringing lots of bulky winter clothing – you can find plenty of affordable warm clothing for sale in the UK.

If you want to bring any food, alcohol or restricted items, check the UK government's customs information. You cannot bring meat and dairy products from outside the EU.



Your hand luggage

When leaving your home country to travel to the UK, you should pack these items in your hand baggage:

  • passport and visa
  • flight tickets and any other travel documents
  • University documents
  • cash or travellers cheques or debit/credit cards
  • evidence of financial support for fees and maintenance
  • evidence of TB screening if this was required as part of your visa process
  • travel insurance
  • accommodation details
  • some warm clothes for when you arrive in the UK
  • masks or face coverings to wear on your flight, in airports and on public transport in the UK
  • hand sanitiser or handwipes

Entering the UK



Student Services

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