We are here to help you decide what to pack and bring to university, to make your journey and first few weeks as comfortable as possible. 

Packing to come to Nottingham might feel like a big task. This might be your first time in the UK or your first time living away from home. You are probably asking yourself: “What should I bring? What can I get when I arrive?” Take a look below at our tips below of what to pack in your suitcase and your hand luggage.

Prepare to travel

Your suitcase

Try not to pack more than you can carry. Here is some of our advice for packing your suitcase:

  • If you're arriving between September and March, the weather in the UK can be cold and rainy, so pack appropriate clothes and shoes for your first few weeks. You can also buy affordable clothing in Nottingham when you need it.
  • Pack a warm blanket instead of lots of heavy bedding. You can buy these in Nottingham, or buy a bedding pack from us if you're staying in university halls of residence.
  • Don't forget some small items to remind you of home, and photos of loved ones (not in frames).
  • Food, alcohol, and restricted items information can be found on the governments customs information webpage. You cannot bring meat and dairy products from outside the EU.

Your hand luggage

It is useful to keep some important documents in your hand luggage, including:

  • your passport and visa
  • flight tickets and any other travel documents
  • university documents
  • cash or travellers cheques or debit/credit cards - you can get pre-loaded debit cards to help you purchase travel tickets when you arrive
  • evidence of financial support for fees and maintenance
  • evidence of TB screening if this was required as part of your visa process
  • travel insurance
  • accommodation details

Other important items it's good to have in easy reach during your journey:

  • Phone, charger and power bank - consider an esim to help you get up and running in the UK as soon as you arrive
  • Warm clothes for when you arrive
  • Empty water bottle to fill up once you're through security
  • A book or magazine to read during your flight

Before you leave

For further information on what to expect when you arrive at a UK airport, please visit our entering the UK webpage.

You can access practical advice guides from Study UK on travel advice, health services, managing your money and personal safety within the UK.

If you are unable to arrive in time for the start of your course, see our guidance on late arrival. You must not travel to the UK if you are unable to arrive before the final registration time.