7 simple steps to obtaining your Tier 4 visa


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Follow the steps below to obtain your Tier 4 student visa to study at the University of Nottingham.


Step 1

Firmly accept your unconditional offer and pay any tuition fee deposits required by the University. See if you have to pay a deposit.  Next, read and familiarise yourself with the remaining steps below.


Step 2 

Review the information in your CAS checking document, which you will receive by email no more than four months before your course start date. 

When the CAS has been prepared, you will receive an email asking you to check the details of your CAS. Check all the information included is correct.

  • If the CAS is correct, follow the instructions to verify the information
  • If the CAS is incorrect, follow the instructions to report any errors

Once you have verified that your CAS details are correct, you will receive your CAS within 5 working days

Accommodation fees on the CAS will always show as 0.00. You should therefore keep money for your living expenses, including accommodation, in your bank account until after the visa application is processed. Accommodation deposits must still be paid, but will not be included in the CAS.

Any tuition fees paid, including deposits and University scholarships, should show in your CAS.  Please check this carefully as any outstanding funds need to be shown in your financial evidence with your visa application.

If you make a payment or receive a University scholarship after receiving your CAS number, you will receive a separate notification informing you that your CAS has been updated with new financial information.


Step 3

Prepare your financial evidence.

You need to show funds which cover your first year tuition fees plus living costs (sometimes referred to as ‘maintenance’). The required living costs are:

  • £1,015 per month for students, up to a maximum of 9 months (£9,135)
  • £680 per month each for any dependants, up to a maximum of 9 months (£6,180).  Check our guide to applying for your visa to see if you are eligible to bring family members as Tier 4 dependants

If you are self-funding, ensure that funds are held for 28 consecutive days before you apply for your visa online.

Information on the exact format requirements of financial evidence, including guidance for students with scholarships or external sponsors, is available on our funding requirements webpage and in the Tier 4 Policy Guidance (paragraphs 215 – 234).


Step 4

Prepare your other supporting documents, which should be original – not scans or copies.

  • Include your ATAS certificate, if it is required. This only applies to certain science and technology courses at RQF level 7 and above. If this applies to you, this will be confirmed directly to you by our Admissions Team and will be stated in your CAS.
  • Check if you need a TB test
  • Evidence of your academic qualifications referred to in the CAS
  • English language test evidence, but only if referred to on your CAS.
    • For students coming to study degree-level courses your CAS will confirm that the University is satisfied with your English language level and no evidence of this will be required at the time you apply for the Tier 4 visa.
    • For students coming to study foundation courses and presessional English courses with a single CAS covering your presessional course only, when you apply for the Tier 4 visa, you must provide the English certificate which is classed as a secure English language test (SELT) by the UK government, as referred to on your CAS.

The above list is not exhaustive and you may need to include other documents such as translations or a letter of parental consent.  You should read our detailed documents guidance on page 7 of our guide to applying for your visa from overseas.

If you will be studying a Masters course of 13 months or less then you will benefit from Nottingham taking part in a Tier 4 pilot scheme which means you do not need to show some of these documents, including financial evidence.  It is important to read our pilot scheme FAQs carefully.

Step 5

Complete the online visa application form, using our Tier 4 application form guidance to help you.  Our guidance includes our ACL code (2HE427) which you need to enter onto your visa application form.

You will be asked to pay the visa application fee of £348 (or equivalent in local currency).  You can opt to pay more for any priority application services offered in your country.

You will also be asked to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge to access the UK’s National Health Service (NHS). Any dependants who are applying to come to the UK for more than 6 months must also pay this surcharge.  See our webpage on healthcare for international students for further information.


Step 6

As part of the online visa application, you will book an appointment to attend a Visa Application Centre in person to submit your documents and have your biometric information taken (fingerprints and photograph).


Step 7

You will receive a vignette visa (sticker) in your passport which will be valid for 30 days to allow you to travel to the UK.  You will also receive a decision letter from UK Visas and Immigration confirming that your visa application is successful.  You should show both the vignette and the letter at the UK border.

Your full visa will be printed on a biometric residence permit (BRP), and must be collected within ten days of arriving in the UK. To ensure delivery of the card to the University you should enter our Alternative Collection Location (ACL) code in your visa application form: 2HE427.

If your visa is for 6 months or less, the vignette will be valid for the full duration of your visa and you will not need to collect a BRP.

Remember: take extra time and care to ensure that your first visa application is your only visa application.  Please read our webpage on refusals and how to avoid them.

What to do if your visa is refused

Email your visa refusal notice to immigration-support@nottingham.ac.uk as quickly as possible so we can advise you.

Please be aware that the University’s latest date to issue a new CAS is three working days before the official course start date or for CELE students, 11 working days before the course start date.

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