7 simple steps to obtaining your Tier 4 visa


Follow the steps below to obtain your Tier 4 student visa to study at The University of Nottingham.



Step 1

Firmly accept your unconditional offer.

Step 2 

Pay any tuition fee deposits required by the University. See if you have to pay a deposit


Step 3

Check the information in your CAS checking document, which you receive by email no more than four months before your course start date.

Please note that accommodation fees on the CAS will always show as 0.00. Students are therefore advised to keep money for their living expenses (including accommodation) in their bank account until after their visa application is processed. Accommodation deposits must still be paid, but will not be included in the CAS.

Any tuition fees paid, including deposits and University scholarships, should show in your CAS. Please check this carefully as any outstanding funds need to be shown in your financial evidence with your visa application. You should not make any further payments once you have verified that the CAS is correct as new information may not be reflected in the final CAS.


Step 4

Confirm if the details in your CAS checking document are correct by following the onscreen instructions. Your CAS number will be sent to you by email upon completion of this process. You do not need a paper copy of the CAS, you can simply enter the CAS number on the visa application form.


Step 5

Prepare your financial evidence and original documents. Ensure that funds are held for 28 consecutive days before you apply for your visa.


Step 6

Complete your online visa application form: www.gov.uk/apply-uk-visa

Please refer to our sample application form guidance for the overseas online Tier 4 application.  Our guidance now includes our ACL code (2HE427) which you need to enter onto your visa application form. This ensures delivery of your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) to the University, for collection on arrival to the UK.


Step 7

Submit your completed visa application. As part of the online visa application, you will book an appointment to attend in person and submit your documents. For more information, see: www.gov.uk/find-a-visa-application-centre

Remember: take extra time and care to ensure that your first visa application is your only visa application. Refusals and how to avoid them


What to do if your visa is refused

Email your visa refusal notice to immigration-support@nottingham.ac.uk so we can advise you. Students who receive a refusal need to be aware that the University’s latest date to issue a CAS is three working days before the official course start date or for CELE students, 11 working days before the course start date.

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