We engage with the communities we serve, sharing knowledge and experience and working together to strengthen resilience, wellbeing and opportunity.  


Photo of a student holding a plastic box
Pack for good

Pack for Good, a collaboration with Nottingham Trent University and Nottingham City Council, collected more than 2,250 bags of unwanted student belongings, often otherwise destined for landfill, for sale at British Heart Foundation charity shops.

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Photo of a house in South Africa
Building brighter futures in South Africa

More than 450 Department of Architecture and Built Environment students have been engaged in international social impact work over a number of years, working collaboratively to design and construct creches during a six-week stint in South Africa.

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Photo of a persons hand holding a plant
Working with business to make a difference

We work with business, from corporate partners to SMEs, to improve student experience, provide opportunities for graduates help to boost the local economy and deepen the impact of our discoveries.

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Image of a painting of two people
Climate change and the threat to gender equality

We are making policymakers worldwide aware of the challenges that a changing climate presents to women and girls, including forced marriage, economic impact and greater risks of violence and harm.

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Aerial photograph of the Midlands
Midlands Engine: driving green growth

We are part of the Midlands Engine, the largest regional economy in the UK. We champion economic, social and environmental change and work with industry to realise the Midlands’ potential as a hub of green growth and sustainable innovation.

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Photo of a lamppost at night time
Talking lamp posts and climate change

We teamed up with Nottingham City Council and a creative research company, Hello Lamp Post, to introduce interactive, talking street furniture such as lamp posts, benches and even bins to gather views on what climate change means to the city.

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