A commitment to fairness and environmental stewardship informs every aspect of the university’s operations. We strive to make our award-winning campuses green, pleasant places to work and learn, where all our people are encouraged and supported to achieve.


Photo of a Nottingham Fellow looking into a microscope
Fellowships for outstanding female researchers

Our research fellowships include support for outstanding female postdoctoral researchers in science, technology, engineering and medicine. All fellowships offer flexible working and help with childcare costs.

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Photo of sanitary products
Project period: free products for staff and students

We offer free period products for students and staff across our campuses and to further address period poverty worldwide aim to make menstruation and menopause part of everyday conversation.

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Photo of a student using university equipment
Championing ‘unsung heroes’

We are champions of the country’s technical workforce, the unsung heroes whose skills and expertise are essential for UK innovation and sustainable economic growth, as well the delivery of word-class research and teaching.

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Photo of the pride flag
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Delivery Plan

Our EDI Strategic Delivery Plan was developed following extensive consultations with staff and students, ensuring that all feel comfortable, safe, included and supported to be their very best in all that they do.

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Photo of food at the university cafe
Carbon-labelling on food menus

Nottingham became the first university in the Midlands to introduce carbon labels on food menus, supporting our drive towards sustainability. By helping staff and students choose planet-friendly meals, we can contribute to reducing food’s climate impact.

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Photo of Jubilee Campus, Nottingham
Sustainability at heart of campus

Jubilee Campus, built on the site of the former Raleigh bicycle factory, is an exemplar of urban regeneration. Jubilee hosts the world’s first carbon neutral laboratories for sustainable chemistry and its biodiverse lakes provide water for cooling of buildings.

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