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 Assessment 'for' learning is about engaging the student in the whole process … and that's from the first time they enter the institution.

If feedback is to help students learn we need to be giving them some advice. Not just what they've got wrong but how they correct that and apply it to future work. 


Prof Brenda Smith
Higher Education Academy

Questions about feedback and how to make it more timely and/or effective, are often starting points for considering wider issues in assessment design.

The University's assessment framework is intended to help structure thinking about design, loading, marking, moderation and feedback across a programme. Within the framework, there are practical and evidence-based suggestions for practice at module level an in classroom settings. 

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Branda Smith on assessment and feedback

"In terms of the aims for the session, I really have three and that's to emphasise feedback for learning rather than of learning ..."


University assessment regulations

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