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Students' academic development

All the first-year philosophy students have a writing skills session with their personal/academic tutors where they discuss how to write philosophically, and how such a writing style is different from anything else they will encounter.

Dr Andrew Fisher, School of Humanities

Across the range of disciplines there is a common interest developing our students' critical ability and independence. This academic development is closely related to, and often embedded withinm the subject of study.

Schools support a movement through the levels of a degree course in the following ways:

  • providing discilpline-specific study skills sessions
  • discussing how learning outcomes and teaching changes through the years
  • involving students in marking exercises to develop their understanding of assessment criteria
  • making clear the role of the teacher and student at different phases of the course
  • giving students a sense of ownership of their learning

What colleagues are saying about academic development

more about academic development from the "Talking of teaching" blog

If you train people's minds, if you teach them a certain amount of critical rigour, I think they will bring that to an professional situation that they're in. Most students won't become academics, but those broader skills about how to question the world around you can be brought to bear in any situation.

Dr William Bowden,
School of Humanities

Learning academic writing and skills of arguement 

"Good students really do get the element of discussion and critical debate and argeuement into their essays …"

Blog post with full transcript


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Information skills

The Teaching and Learning Support Team offer information skils sessions for Schools to embed in their courses.

Employability support guide

The Careers and Employability Service works closely with Schools to help staff to develop students' employability skills over the duration of their studies.

This Employability Support Guide outlines key opportunities and support for staff in guiding students through their development.

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