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 Rogo … saves quite a bit of time: the optical mark process [for multiple-choice paper exams] … would take a day or so to process for a large cohort of a couple of hundred students – whereas it’s instantaneous when we’re using Rogo.  

Dr Steven Burr, School of Biomedical Science 

Rogō is an e-assessment system that supports the academic workflow, including writing questions in a  web-based interface, setting papers, mapping questions onto outcomes and/or standards, peer review, secure exams, post exam analysis and student feedback. Formative assessment can be made readily accessible with immediate feedback to students on their understanding. 

Rogō includes a wide range of question types: Calculation; Dichotomous; Extended Matching (single answer or multiple answers); Fill-in-the-Blank; Image Hotspot; Labelling; Likert Scale; Matrix; Multiple Choice; Multiple Response; Ranking; Text Box; Script Concordance Test (SCT) and Area.

It can also be used for progress tests and for surveys.

Rogo is now an open source project.


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