Rolls-Royce University Technology Centres

For over 25 years, the University of Nottingham has successfully collaborated with Rolls-Royce on aerospace technology research.

Our award-winning research develops solutions to industrial problems, creates globally significant impact and trains the next generation of industry-ready engineers. Through our strong relationship, we're helping Rolls-Royce transition to Net Zero.

A University Technology Centre (UTC) is a long-term partnership between a university and Rolls-Royce. A UTC enables Rolls-Royce to access unrivalled academic expertise and research in a key technology area.

We're part of global network of Rolls-Royce UTCs. Our capabilities address Gas Turbine Transmission Systems, Manufacturing and On-Wing Technology.

Researcher in blue overalls stands in front of a large aircraft turbine


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The UTC in Gas Turbine Transmission Systems

Established in 1997, we are a cross-disciplinary research centre developing new, innovative aeroengine power transmission technologies, analysis methods and tools, enabling the next generation of aircraft propulsion systems to be more sustainable. 

A researcher viewing turbine machinery operations on a set of computer monitors

Rolls-Royce UTC in Gas Turbine Transmission Systems

Explore how we're pioneering new aeroengine power transmission technologies.

The UTC in Manufacturing and On-Wing Technology

Established in 1999, we are a multi-disciplinary research centre exploring all aspects of aerospace manufacture, with a particular interest in the areas of fixturing, mechatronics, and on-wing inspection, alongside repair with robotic systems.

Engineering researchers examining an aeroplane component

Rolls-Royce UTC in Manufacturing and On-Wing Technology

Discover how we're revolutionising aerospace manufacturing and inspection.