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Examinations may form part of your assessment at the University.  This section offers information about dates of examinations, accessing past papers and what to do if you have special requirements or extenuating circumstances.

The examinations during the 2020-2021 academic year are primarily remote and will instead be a combination of different online examination formats using Moodle and Rogo. However, there are exceptions to this and some courses will have face to face exams. Please refer to your examination timetable for further information.

Guidance for students on taking off-site Rogo exams can be found in the following document:

Rogo student guidance 2020/21

Assessment Windows versus Active Working Time on assessments

The total amount of time spent on the assessment should be no more than the recommended length of the assessment according to the rubric (with extra time for disabled students on support plans)

It is important to remember that online assessments of 24 hours or more do not require you to work for the full duration of time permitted and the following principles apply:

• You should prepare for the assessment in the same way as for in-         person timed exams (i.e. revising in advance)

• You should not use the time during the assessment to undertake research

• The amount of active working time required for the assessment will be     outlined by the School 

What to do if you encounter problems accessing your exams and uploading of scripts

We do not expect problems with access to exams and upload of scripts to happen if you are well prepared for your exams. But in the very unlikely event you encounter any trouble of this sort, please don’t panic: Keep calm and follow the instructions below.

Internet access failure: ACTION: Phone student services at 0115 74 86500. Unexpected internet failure that could not be mitigated would be grounds for EC.

You suspect an error in the paper: ACTION: Continue answering the paper, stating any assumptions made. Notify [insert Student Services Email Address from the list below] from your University email account of the suspected error once paper is complete. Any issues will be accounted for in the examining process. Clearly state the module that you have a query on in the subject of the message and specify the assessment as part of your email.

Unable to upload document to Moodle: ACTION: Email your work to [insert Student Services Email Address from the list below] from your University email account, before the exam deadline. Clearly state the module and assessment that you have a query on in the subject of the message.

After the deadline has passed: ACTION: Keep trying and submit your work via the Moodle dropbox at the earliest opportunity.

We do not expect many people will experience any of these problems, but if you do, please follow the processes described.

If you face other difficulties with access to exams or the upload of scripts, not described here, please email or call Student Services at the first opportunity.

Attempts to misuse or take unfair advantage of this system will be thoroughly investigated and, if proven, will constitute academic misconduct and severe penalties may be imposed.

Email Address for Student Services:



2021/22 Examination Dates


Autumn semester

Monday 17 January 2022 to Saturday 29 January 2022 - including Saturday 22 January 2022

Spring semester

Monday 16 May 2022 to Saturday 4 June 2022 - including Saturday 21 May and 28 May 2022

Late summer resits

Monday 15 August 2022 to Wednesday 26 August 2022 - including Saturday 20 August 2022 

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