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How to apply for overseas examinations

Do not wait until you receive official notification via the Portal or an official letter from the University before applying to sit overseas. As soon as your School informs you of your results you must start making the arrangements.



UK-based students spending time on a year abroad in Malaysia or Ningbo wishing to take their assessments in the UK MUST contact the Exams Office at Malaysia or Ningbo to make arrangements. Do not use the form below.  

You must follow the steps below before completing the application form.


Check if your UNUK exams MSExcelconcan or cannot be taken overseas. Some may require permission. 

If permission is required for any of your exams, you must contact the administering School/Department office for approval. You must have permission for EACH module/course you wish to take. If any of your exams cannot be taken overseas or you have not received the correct permissions, your application could be refused and you would have to take your exams in Nottingham. 


Contact an MSExcelconapproved overseas institution to ask if they are able to facilitate your exam/s. It is your responsibility to do this. If they need to contact the University please ask them to contact the Exams Office at

The Exams Office will only make contact with the overseas institutions after the application deadline has passed.

If there is not an approved institution within a reasonable distance to you, please contact the Exams Office as soon as possible. You may have to be prepared to travel.

Please be aware that if your chosen institution delay returning your exam scripts to the University there could be a delay in marking and therefore issues with your progression.

Students with alternative exam arrangements: If you have been assessed by Academic/Disability support and you have adjustments to your exams such as additional time or a separate room, it is your responsibility to check whether your overseas institution are able to facilitate your requirements. Please also contact the Exams Office as early as possible, particularly if you require a support worker, use of a PC to type your exams or any other special equipment. Every effort will be made to ensure that reasonable exam adjustments will be accommodated overseas, however they cannot be guaranteed.


Due to the current exceptional circumstances, and in co-operation with our colleagues at Ningbo Campus, late applications are being accepted for UNN and for other overseas locations as an expression of interest.

Submitting your application does not guarantee that you will be able to take your exams overseas, as current circumstances are beyond our control. Therefore we strongly advise that students do not make travel arrangements specific to taking exams overseas. We will update students as the situation becomes clearer over the coming weeks.

The link to apply for overseas examinations in the May/June 2020 exam period is now closed:

 2019-20 Dates and deadlines:
January 2020 Examinations

Application form opened 23 October 2019 and closed 6 November 2019 (16:00 UK time). 

May 2020 Examinations

Application form opened 2 March 2020 and closed 27 March 2020 (16:00 UK Time).

August 2020 Examinations

Application form opens 24 June 2020 and closes 15 July 2020 (16:00 UK time).

Late applications will not be accepted.

If you are applying to sit a UNNC or UNMC exam in the UK you must apply directly through those campuses. Please note they may have different deadlines - please contact them directly for more information. 

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What happens after you submit your application?

  • By submitting the application form you are confirming that you have received permission from both your chosen institution and the administering School/Department for each exam you wish to take overseas. If you have not received confirmation then your application may be refused.
  • The Exams Office will contact your School/Department and overseas institution to make the arrangements for your exam/s.
  • The UK date and time of your exams will be published on the examination timetable page early-December for Autumn exams, mid-March for Spring exams and mid July for August resits.
  • All examinations should be taken simultaneously with those in Nottingham. Where this is not possible, due to public holidays or closing times of your chosen institution the Exams Office will inform you of the alternative local time and date.  It is not always possible to do this and if you do not have this permission from your School/Department you will be required to return to Nottingham to sit your examinations.
  • Before the start of the exam period check your personal exam timetable via Sharepoint to ensure that your chosen institution is showing as the location for your examinations. Please also ensure that this time correlates with the communication you have received from your overseas institution. We advise that you DO NOT use the MyNottingham/MyCal application to check your timetable. These applications may sync with the time zones set up on user's devices, which may result in exam start times appearing incorrectly. The Exams Office will not be responsible for students reporting to their overseas exams at the incorrect time due to confusion with the MyNottingham app. If you are unsure, contact the Exams Office. 
  • Before your first exam you must contact your chosen institution to confirm all final arrangements and pay any local costs.
  • Take your University ID card with you to your exams.
  • The overseas examination fee of £150.00 is separate to any resit fees due to the University or any local administration fees. The £150 invoice will show approximately two weeks after the exam period and must be paid via MyNottingham. You will be required to pay the full amount even if you do not continue with the overseas examinations.

MyNottingham (Paying your fees, check your balance)

Cancelling your overseas exam arrangements

After submitting an application, if you decide to cancel your overseas exam arrangements please email

The cancellation deadline for the May/June 2020 exam period is Monday 23 March 2020. 

The cancellation deadline for the August 2020 exam period is Monday 20 July 2020.

If you do not inform the Exams Office before the deadline you will be required to pay the full overseas examination fee of £150.00, as well as and any local fees.

Getting your exam results

The Exams Office cannot release any exam results. Your School/Service Centre will tell you when your results will be available for collection, or you will be able to access them via Blue Castle.

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