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University of Nottingham exam periods are January, May/June & August

There are three examination slots per day - 09:00, 13:30 and 16:30 (UK time)

Full details of the dates and times for individual student examinations will be sent to you after the examination timetable is published. The examination papers, stationery and any further instructions will be sent by DHL courier approximately one week before the start of the exam session.

Students should make initial contact with their chosen venue and it is the student's responsibility to liaise with the overseas institution in relation to any local fees. The students should meet all local costs so please contact the student with details of your charges.

The overseas institution should only liaise with the Exams Office when agreeing date/times for the exams, please do not arrange these with the student. Once these have been agreed, this information can be passed on to the student. 

It is very important that the examination(s) take place simultaneously with the corresponding examination in Nottingham. However, in exceptional circumstances it may be possible to adjust the times if you have difficulty in meeting this requirement or if time difference does not allow.

Students should show their student ID card (or photo ID) upon arrival at each examination they are due to take at your institution.

The instructions provide guidance to the conduct of the examinations but please note in particular the following:

  • It is extremely important to note that candidates are not permitted to keep question papers
  • Candidates are not allowed to take any papers, books or loose notes into the examination room unless otherwise stated on the rubric. They are also only allowed the amount of time specified on the paper (unless advised in writing by the Exams Office)
  • Please ensure that you are aware of procedures for invigilation of University of Nottingham examinations

Post-Examination Procedures

It would be helpful if you could confirm receipt of examination papers to the Exams Office.

It is extremely important you notify the Exams Office if a student does not attend an examination.

After each examination has finished, please ensure each candidate has included their name, student ID and examination code on the front of their script. Please scan the exam script and email the scanned version to the Exams Office within 24 hours of the exam taking place. Institutions that do not adhere to this or any other policy will not be approved to host future University of Nottingham examinations.

When all examinations are finished, return the original scripts, question papers and other stationery by courier immediately. All original scripts should reach us by no later than a week after the exam period.

Please notify the Exams Office of the tracking number when returning scripts.

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Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the Exams Office or by telephone +44 (115) 8468591 or +44 (115) 9515748.

Office hours are from 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday (UK time)


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