Career Mentoring

Give students the skills and knowledge to make a bright future

Our Career Mentoring scheme offers Nottingham alumni the opportunity to provide career advice and support to current students and graduates in their first year after leaving university. 

Mentoring develops via remote contact over 4 - 5 months, giving participants time to benefit from their mentor's professional experience and knowledge. We've matched hundreds of alumni with students and new graduates since the scheme began – it's a great way for you to pass on wisdom and expertise to help the next generation embark on a successful career!


Career Mentoring is closed for Cohort 1 and will reopen for Cohort 2 later in the year



Mentoring Timetable 2021 - 2022 (Current students and Class of 2021 alumni)  

Please note that there is currently one mentoring cohort, taking place in autumn. There may be the option to mentor a second cohort in spring - we will be in touch if this is the case. As with last year's scheme, we are looking to support current students and 2021 alumni. 

Timescales for the first cohort are below (please note: student and alumni to alumni mentoring will run concurrently): 

COHORT 1: November 2021 to March 2022

  • Mentee registrations: Open 30th August
  • Mentor/mentee matching: Across October, mentors will be notified of a match in mid-October
  • Mentor/mentee introductions and contracting: From early November until March
  • Evaluation: Late March

Mentors who are not matched in cohort 1 will be notified no later than 30 November 2021

COHORT 2: March 2022 to June 2022

  • Mentee registrations: Open 4th January
  • Mentor/mentee matching: Across February, mentors will be notified of a match in March
  • Mentor/mentee introductions and contracting: From early November until March
  • Evaluation: Late June

Mentors who are not matched in cohort 2 will be notified no later than 31 March 202



What to expect from us

If we find you a match you can expect:

  • to receive introductory online training from a dedicated Mentoring Coordinator 
  • to receive ongoing support from your Mentoring Coordinator
  • to receive check-ins from our team across the duration of your mentoring partnership, ensuring everything is going well 

What we expect from you

If matched you will need to accept our mentor agreement and also commit to: 

  • virtual mentor training at the start of the scheme  
  • monthly mentoring sessions over email, text or videocall with your mentee
  • providing feedback in check-ins and end of scheme evaluation to our team 


The Mentor: Hear why Amy, a senior scientist at local business Sygnature Discovery, chose to mentor Nottingham students.

The Mentee: Hear how mentoring helped fourth-year neuroscience student Nerissa feel inspired about her future career.


Are you a student seeking a mentor?

Contact the Careers and Employability Service by October 2021. 

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