Grow your ambition

IJ Samuel (Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 2007) she shares her insights into being ambitious and securing promotion. Director for global consultancy business Turner & Townsend, IJ has over 15 years’ experience helping clients like Heathrow Airport, HS2, Kuwait Oil Company, E.ON and others across the infrastructure, oil and gas, energy and nuclear sectors.

Having climbed from Projects Control Manager to Director in just six years, IJ knows what it takes to fast-track your career. Whether you're at an early stage in your career and looking for that next step, or more established but feeling like you need to gain some momentum in climbing the ladder, this webinar is for you.

“You get good at public speaking, so what? What is your bigger ‘why’? Get clear on your bigger ‘why’ before you start chasing the tactics. When you find out that ‘why’, the ‘how’ will become clear.”
IJ Samuel