NUBS Postgraduate careers team - here for you!

The University of Nottingham Careers and Employability Service has a unique offering when compared to most universities in that we are available to support alumni for life. Whether you need our support just after graduation, or even in your second or third career move, find out how we will be here to support you.

In addition, we have a range of resources and support tools that could help you in your career search or when navigating the world of work.  

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Accessing or advertising vacancies

You may be searching for vacancies, and we have a range of employers who specifically target University of Nottingham graduates, in fact we’ve just been voted the 2nd most targeted university in the UK by Times Top 100 employers following their 2023 Graduate Labour Market report. 

You can access the MyCareer jobs portal (you’ll need to select “Alumni”). Equally if you are seeking top talent as an employer you can advertise your vacancy with us, free of charge.


You can access free practice psychometric tests including numeric, verbal and logical reasoning as well as game-based assessments via Graduates First.

Interviews, case studies and international job search training

If you need to develop your skills in general interviews or case-study based interviews, we have a modular, video based, e-learning package to support you. This package also has a dedicated course to support international graduates seeking sponsored employment in the UK.

Personal Development

If you are undertaking personal development our support package of questionnaires can help you to understand your interests, talents and work preferences more clearly. We also have accredited Strengths Practitioners on hand to help you to understand yourself and your work preferences.

Our partner, Sensible Media, work with the world's leading careers experts and management thinkers to provide exclusive careers webinars to alumni of leading business schools. You can find the recordings on the AlumniExtra platform.

Working outside the UK

If you are working outside the UK and need some help with global labour market insights including CV conventions and job search resources, we have a package that could help. It covers over 250 cities and 80 countries worldwide.


In addition to the resources mentioned, you also have access to dedicated one-to-one support through our professional and experience consultants. If you need support just contact the team and we can help you to move forward with your career plans. Some of the ways we support include developing and coaching you with action plans, feedback on interview or presentation performance and much more.

Employer attitudes post-Brexit

The UK is currently experiencing a skills shortage in various occupations and there is pressure on the government to make it easier to bring in talent from overseas.

Many new graduates on the student visa already have exemptions to support employers when it comes to not having to pay the immigration skills charge (usually costing them £1000 per year per employee from overseas) and they also need to meet lower salary thresholds for sponsorship (30% lower than people hired directly from overseas).

A recent report demonstrated that “the number of businesses holding a sponsor licence has increased by a massive 65% following the end of free movement; from 30,278 at the end of Q4 2020 to 49,916 at the end of Q3 2022”.

Although there are suggestions that SMEs have been slow to gain sponsor licences the NUBS Postgraduate Careers team have noticed a difference especially in the way many SMEs are hiring.

Hiring International Graduates

We recently worked with several SMEs who, after hiring one of our NUBS postgraduate students decided to gain a Sponsor Licence to hire them permanently.

We were pleased to hear they found the process much easier and less bureaucratic than they anticipated. One such employer explains the process in this video (scroll to the bottom of the page to view the video).

As an employer if you are thinking about ways to fill your skills shortages, you could consider ensuring your opportunities are being advertised in an inclusive way to attract international students and graduates as well as UK graduates who may have the skills you’re seeking.

There is more information on this page about hiring international graduates including an employer guide explaining the range of options including skilled worker visas and graduate route visas which have varying levels of commitment and costs to employers. 

To access any of the resources mentioned or for support with hiring NUBS postgraduate students and graduates you can email If you want more wider support targeting students outside the business school you can email