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Presessional English for Academic Purposes 2 (PEAP 2)

Presessional English for Academic Purposes 2 (PEAP 2) is the second level of the presessional course (PEAP 1-4) and runs for ten weeks. It is designed for lower level students (IELTS 5.0 or 5.5) who need a longer time to prepare. 

For Foundation students it will be the first module of a 20-week course (PEAP 2-3).

What you will learn

Over the course of the 10 weeks, the main aims of the level are to:

  • introduce you to some key concepts and skills involved in carrying out primary research
  • develop a critical and reflective approach to study
  • introduce the concept of ‘community’ and ‘academic community’ and explore how these might relate to your situation
  • develop and improve your skills in communicating in English in academic contexts
  • provide you with a basis for managing your own learning independently
  • develop the skills of working collaboratively with others
  • provide an introduction to academic study that will be continued in levels 3 and 4

What you will do

You will be asked to do a series of tasks:

  • Critically evaluate a community facility or service
  • Design and carry out a small scale primary research project related to your area of study
  • Contribute to either a class newsletter or a poster presentation based on your research
  • Identify some personal learning goals, design a study plan and reflect on your progress
  • Participate in one-to-one and group discussions

How you will be assessed

At the end of PEAP 2 you will be assessed to see if you are ready to move on to PEAP 3. You will:

  • research and write a report related to your area of study and the CELE community
  • participate in a one-to-one discussion about your research report (viva)
  • write a reflective essay about your learning experience

What's next?

At the end of PEAP 2, successful students will move on to PEAP 3.

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