The Centre for English Language Education provides schools and departments with bespoke workshops and courses to improve their students’ academic and communication skills. We offer these in addition to standard courses and one-to-one consultations.

Our course designers and tutors are experienced and qualified specialists in the areas of academic literacies and English for specific purposes, and these courses are designed to meet subject-specific requirements.

Our courses and workshops help students with strategies for academic study and communication, which helps to improve their academic work, language and communication and gain confidence.

The length of our workshops and courses vary, depending on your requirements.

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Requesting a bespoke course

If you would like to request a bespoke course or workshop, please complete this form and we will contact you to discuss further.

Current and past provision

So far, we have designed and run bespoke workshops and courses for the schools and departments shown below.

Faculty of Social Sciences

School of Education

  • Academic Writing and Dissertation Writing for:
    • MA Education
    • MA Educational Leadership and Management
    • MA Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
    • MA Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages
  • Academic Reading Circles for MA Education
  • Understanding and Responding to Tutor Feedback for Secondary PGCE
  • Academic Writing for PGCEi

School of Law

  • Academic Writing for LLM
  • Dissertation Writing for LLM

Nottingham University Business School

  • Academic Writing for MSc/MBA
  • Dissertation Writing for MSc/MBA
  • Academic Speaking for MSc/MBA
  • UG Exam Skills
  • MSc Exam Writing 

School of Politics and International Relations

  • Analytical Writing

 School of Sociology and Social Policy

  • PGT Academic Writing  

School of Economics

  • Dissertation Writing for MSc

Faculty of Science

School of Biosciences

  • PhD First Year Reports

School of Mathematical Sciences

  • Dissertation Writing

School of Pharmacy

  • PhD First Year Reports
  • Academic Writing for UG Second Year

School of Computer Science

  • Dissertation Writing for MSc

School of Psychology

  • Dissertation Writing for MSc
  • Exam Skills for UG Final Year 
  • Academic Writing for UG Final Year

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

School of Medicine

  • PhD First Year Reports
  • Dissertation Writing for PGT

School of Health Sciences

  • Nursing Graduate Entry
  • Academic Writing for MSc Nursing, Midwifery and Physiotherapy

School of Veterinary Medicine and Science

  • PhD First Year Reports
  • Dissertation Writing for MSc Veterinary Physiotherapy

School of Life Sciences

  • PhD First Year Reports

Faculty of Arts

  • Academic Writing and Speaking for UG
  • Academic Writing for PGT
  • Academic Writing and Speaking for PGR
  • Critical Reading for MA Workshop
  • Critical Writing for MA Workshop

Faculty of Engineering

Department of Architecture and Built Environment

  • Studio Presentations
  • Research Writing for MArch and MSc

Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering

  • UG Academic Writing
  • Academic support workshops for ADT Module (MSc)
  • Dissertation Writing for MSc

Department of Civil Engineering

  • Writing a Literature Review for MSc
  • Understanding Tutor Feedback Workshop

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

  • Powerpoint and Poster Presentations for MSc