To enrol in a language module with fees, follow the steps below.

1. Check which language level is appropriate for you.

    • Stage 1 - for complete beginners or those with very little knowledge of the language
    • Stage 2 - If you have studied the language before at GCSE level (grade 6 or above) or equivalent or have successfully completed the language's stage 1 modules
    • Stage 3 - If you studied the language before at A level or have have successfully completed our the language's stage 2 modules
    • Stage 4 - If you have studied the language at GCE Advanced Level grade A*-B or equivalent or have have successfully completed the language's stage 3 modules
    • Stage 5 - If you have 1 year of post-A level language tuition (or equivalent) or have have successfully completed the language's stage 4 modules
    • Stage 6 - If you have have a post A-Level qualification, CEFR equivalent  B2+/C1 level, demonstrable ability to communicate in the language fluently (sometimes acquired from an intercalated year abroad in the country where the language is spoken) or have successfully completed the language's stage 5 modules

2. Check you can attend one of the timetabled language groups, using the module guide. Please bear in mind that language classes will not shown on your timetable for fee-paying students.

3. Complete the Language Centre Registration of Interest form 24/25 by the deadline.

4. Start attending classes from the beginning of term. It is important that you attend the first two weeks of classes.

You will be notified within three weeks of term if your place is confirmed and a payment link will be sent to you. Payment of £160 will be due within seven days after the confirmation email is sent to you.