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Modules for current students

We offer optional languages for students of all disciplines. Students can diversify their degree course by choosing a language module for credits.  At the Language Centre we focus on providing language modules with the emphasis on communication. The modules are supported by the virtual learning environment Moodle, digital classrooms and a Self Access Centre for independent learning. 

The levels range from Stage 1a (complete beginners) to Stage 6 (near native speaker competence). It is possible to improve existing skills or start a new language. Click on the links below to find out more about each language module.



Non-language modules available


How will I study?

We focus on providing language training with the emphasis on communication. At the higher stages teaching and learning supports professionals working in a bilingual context, incorporating a number of transferable skills much sought after by potential employers.

The stage you chose depends on your current level of the chosen language and will be assessed by your language tutor. We have a maximum of 22 students in each class due the maximum capacity for language labs. The number and type of assessments depend on your level but over two semesters you will be tested on the four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking.  


Can I take a language module?

Priority is given for students doing the module for credits. If Postgraduate students have academic credits available for options they do not have to pay. Research students will be classified as paying students and have the option to do the assessments.

If a student is interested in enrolling on a module but does not have enough spare credits for it, they can pay a fee of £160 and join as a paying student (provided there is still a place available) with an option to do the assessments.

You also have the option to take one of our modules as part of the  Nottingham Advantage Award, which is a scheme that provides the opportunity for students to enhance their learning and develop skills in extra curricular activities. 


Are there any self-study resources?

Opportunities for self study are available in the Self-Access-Centre which is located in the Language Centre area on the Third floor of Trent Building in the main campus. Hallward Library also has Readers series and dvds related to language learning. You will also find supplementary resources on the module Moodle page. 

What feedback is available?

Each tutor has a consultation hour when students can drop in to discuss any issues related to their language learning and to provide feedback during term-time. If you are not able to attend this hour you can make a separate appointment to see your tutor. Feedback sessions are also held after exam periods. Evaluation forms are provided towards the end of term.




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