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How to find books, journals and journal articles for subjects in Arts.


Finding resources

There are a number of ways to find print and online resources for your subject: 

  • Find titles recommended by your lecturers on your online reading lists
  • Use the library search tool, NUsearch to search for topics by keyword and see their location in our libraries
  • Browse for books on popular topics in our libraries at the shelf locations (classmarks) below. You’ll find books on some topics located across different libraries.

Getting started using library resources

How to use NUsearch


Locations of books in our libraries

All books in our libraries have a classmark (a series of letters and numbers).

Classmarks allow books on similar subjects to be shelved together and helps you to find the title on the library shelves.

Follow signs in our libraries to find the classmark you're looking for.


Classics and archaeology

Locations and classmarks of books related to classics and archaeology.

Location of classics and archaeology resources
 TopicClassmark Library 
Ancient History  D51 Hallward
Archaeology CC Hallward
Greek language and literature PA201 Hallward
History of the Greco-Roman world DE1 Hallward
History of Greece DF10 Hallward
History of Italy DG Hallward
Latin philology and language PA2001 Hallward
Roman literature PA6000 Hallward

Hallward Library



Locations and classmarks of books related to history.

Location of history resources
 TopicClassmark Library 
Economic history and conditions HC Hallward
History of Asia DS Hallward
History of France DC Hallward
History of Germany DD Hallward
History of Great Britain DA Hallward
History of Russia. Soviet Union. Former Soviet Republics DK Hallward
History of Spain DP Hallward
Medieval history D111 Hallward
World War I (1914 - 1918) D501 Hallward
World War II (1939 - 1945) D731 Hallward

Hallward Library


History of the Americas

Locations and classmarks of books related to history of the Americas.

Location of history of the Americas resources
 TopicClassmark Library 
Canada F1001 Hallward
Civil War period (1861 - 1865) E456 Hallward
Latin America F1201 Hallward
The Revolution (1775 - 1783) E201 Hallward
Twentieth Century E740 Hallward
United States E151 Hallward
U.S. Diplomatic history. Foreign and general relations. E183.7 Hallward

Hallward Library


Literature and linguistics

Locations and classmarks of books related to literature and linguistics.

Location of literature and linguistics resources
 TopicClassmark Library 
American literature PS Hallward
Communication. Mass media P87 Hallward
Critiscism PN80 Hallward
Drama PN1600 Hallward
English language PE Hallward
English literature PR Hallward
French literature PQ1 Hallward
German literature PT Hallward
Greek philology and language PA201 Hallward
Journalism PN4699 Hallward
Linguistics P Hallward
Literature (General) PN Hallward
Romance languages PC Hallward
Slavic. Baltic. Albanian PG Hallward
Spanish literature PQ6001 Hallward

Hallward Library



Locations and classmarks of books related to music.

Location of music resources
 TopicClassmark Library 
Literature on music  ML Denis Arnold Music
Music M Denis Arnold Music

Denis Arnold Music Library



Locations and classmarks of books related to philosophy.

Location of philosophy resources
 TopicClassmark Library 
Ethics BJ Hallward
Logic BC Hallward
Philosophy (General) B Hallward

Speculative philosophy (incl. Being, the soul, life, death) BD Hallward

Hallward Library



Locations and classmarks of books related to religion.

Location of religion resources
 TopicClassmark Library 
The Bible BS Hallward
Christian denominations BX Hallward
Christianity BR Hallward
Islam BP Hallward
Judaism BM Hallward
Religions. Mythology BL Hallward

Hallward Library


Visual arts

Locations and classmarks of books related to visual arts.

Location of visual arts resources
 TopicClassmark Library 
Painting ND Hallward
Sculpture NB Hallward
Visual arts N Hallward

Hallward Library


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