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Whats new

Your Library is changing

University of Nottingham Libraries are changing, follow our transformation on this page




What's new 

New approach

to fines 

We’ll only charge fines on overdue books which someone else needs i.e.books that have been requested and are returned late.

Following feedback from the student survey in November our new fines rate will be fixed at £1 per day to a maximum of £10 per book. We will use the same rate for overdue inter-library loans, and £1 per hour for laptops.



Flexible book loans and auto renewal

We're giving more people better access to all our library books. Rather than having a short loan system, which our data tells us isn’t widely used, we’re introducing a dynamic new approach for all books. Books will normally be issued for one week but if they are in high demand you will get them for two days.

Books on loan will automatically renew unless someone else wants them. If that happens we’ll email you you will have a week to bring it back. So unless we tell you, you won’t have to do anything, just keep the book until you no longer need it.

Please note that these changes do not apply to staff and students using the Derby NHS Library. The NHS Library has separate loan policies in place. 



Reservation pick up times reduced

When the book you have requested is ready we'll email you, you'll need to collect it within two days.

If you are a part time or distance learner, or have declared a disability, you will have seven days to pick the book up.  



Requests made easier 

We're taking the guess work out of requesting books. Before, when you went to request a book with multiple copies, you had to go through a list and pick the one you thought you could get hold of first.

Now, you simply reserve the books title and the system will choose the quickest copy to get to you, saving you time and simplifying the process.



Online booking requests for Special Collections

You can use NUsearch to make an online booking request to view Special Collections items in the King's Meadow Campus Reading Rooms.



NUsearch new request forms  

NUsearch will host the online request forms for book suggestions, interlibrary loan requests and central store journal requests by volume.

The interlibrary loans form will automatically check availability in NUsearch before processing your request.



NUsearch single sign-in and journal search improvements

There will be a new sign-in screen and no more having to log into each eresource site separately. 

An A-Z journal search feature will be offered, giving you a more direct route to both print and electronic journals in one search.  




Key dates 

15 April - Go Live 

NUsearch offers even more including:

  • A new single sign-in experience. No more logging in over and over again!
  • An A-Z journals seach.
  • New forms to request interlibrary loans and new book suggestions.
  • Better links to e-resources

Your library account

  • Shows your latest library loans/returns.
  • Flexible loans start and the due dates automatically renew everyday, unless someone else reserves them.
  • Your existing fines remain but the new charges of £1 per day on overdue requested books will start.
  • You can pay fines from My Library Card using the Library Charges tab.
  • Reservations are simpler. You choose the title, and the library system, will pick which copy will come back first for you. 
  • Reservations are held for 2 days when ready for collection. If you are a part-time, or a distance learner or have declared a disability you have 7 days to pick up your book. 
  • You can make a booking request to view Special Collections items in the KMC Reading Rooms.

31 May 

We no longer supply Interlibrary loan vouchers, in preparation for switching to a free service.

17 June to 3 July

New Self-service machines and security gates

There will be some disruption to our libraries while we make these changes. To reduce the impact on library users, we will be carrying out this work after exams and over the summer vacation. For those who will still be using the library during this time, installation of the new Security gates and Self-service machines is due to take place over the following dates: 

Hallward: 17 – 18 June 

Denis Arnold: 19 June 

Greenfield Medical: 20 June

Business Library: 21 June  

George Green: 24 – 26 June 

James Cameron-Gifford: 27 June  

Djanogly Learning Resource Centre: 1-3 July 

1 August

As of 1 August 2019, interlibrary loans within your normal allowance will be free.








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