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Tuesday 15th
Wednesday 16th
Thursday 17th

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Tuesday October 15th

Opening Plenary Session
10:30 Introduction to Conference - Susan Francis, Nicholas Selby & Steven Sourbron
10:40 Update from the PARENCHIMA programme - Anna Caroli
10:50 Update from United Kingdom Renal Imaging Network- Susan Francis
11:00 Perspectives from NIDDK Renal Imaging Workshop - Pottumarthi Prasad
11:10 Introduction to MRI techniques (MRI for the non-expert) - Nicolas Grenier
11:30 Overview of the clinical need for renal MRI - Keith Gillis

12:00 - Lunch and Posters

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and Diabetic Kidney Disease (DKD)
 13:00 Clinical overview: CKD and DKD - Phil Kalra 
 13:20 Pathophysiology of CKD progression - Maarten Taal
 13:40 Applications of MRI to CKD: evidence to date - Sophie de Seigneux
 14:00 Application of MRI to DKD: evidence to date - Aghogho Odudu
 14:20 Panel discussion

14:30 - Coffee

MRI for the Non-Expert
 15:00 Diffusion Imaging - Jean Paul Vallee
 15:20 T1 and T2 Mapping- Ilona Dekkers
 15:40 Arterial Spin Labelling (ASL) - Manuel Taso
 16:00 Blood Oxygen Level Dependent (BOLD) Imaging - Menno Pruijm

16:20 - 16:50 - Power pitches
16:50 - 17:00 - Break

Working Group 1 and 2 Themed Sessions
 17:00 Working group 1 update - Christoffer Laustsen
(Improve the standardisation and reproducibility of renal MRI biomarkers through consenus-based technical recommendations.)
  Acquisition recommendations: ASL - María Fernández‐Seara
  Acquisition recommendations: BOLD - Pottumarthi Prasad
  Acquisition recommendations: DWI - Alexandra Ljimani
  Acquisition recommendations: T1/T2 - Susan Francis
 17:30 Working group 2 update - Frank Zoellner
(Increase the availability of renal MRI biomarkers by developing an open-access toolbox for research and development.)
  Computational power pitches


Wednesday October 16th

08:00 - 10:00 - COST management committee meeting

 10:00 Clinical overview: Transplantation - Cyril Moers
 10:20 Pre-clinical transplantation - Bente Jespersen
 10:40 Applications of MRI to renal transplantation - evidence to date - Alexandra Ljimani
 11:00 Quality in Organ Donation (QUOD) - Maria Kaisar

11:15 - Coffee
11:45 - Power pitches and short term scientific missions
12:45 - Lunch and Posters

Emerging Techniques
 14:00 23Na MRI - Armin Nagel
 14:15 Magnetisation Transfer (MT) and Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer (CEST) - Dario Longo
 14:30 Molecular imaging - Jim Wild
 14:45 Magnetic Resonance Elastography (MRE) - Stephan Garcia
 15:00 Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping (QSM) - Eric Bechler
 15:15 Nephron number and new imaging techniques for histology specimens - Norbert Gretz

15:30 - Coffee

Themed Sessions
 16:00 Working Group 3 Update - Nicholas Selby/Anna Caroli
(Join up clinical sites across Europe and pave the way for clinical use of renal MRI.)
 16:10 Working Group 4 Update - Andreas Pohlmann
(Development of training programs on renal MRI for basic scientists and clinical users.)
 16:20 Working Group 5 Update - Marcos Wolf
(Build an international multi-disciplinary community of stakeholders in renal MRI.)
 16:30 Break Out Working Groups


Working Group Break Out Sessions
   WG 1 & WG 2  WG 3
 16:30 Procedure for updating and maintenance of existing recommendations. - Steven Sourbron
Formations of new recommendations initiatives. - Christoffer Laustsen
Strategy for setup of international studies.
Inventory of ongoing studies and document repository.
Consensus recommendations in biomarkers.
Updates of tesk forces on ADPK and Transplantation
 17:30 Task force 1.1: Procedures for data submission, inventory of candidate databases, planning of meeting in march. - Frank Zoellner
Task force 1.2: Redesign and definition of aims around software evaluation. - Peter Rogelj


19:00 - Pre-Dinner Drinks
19:30 - Dinner

Thursday October 17th

Acute Kidney Injury (AKI)
 09:00 Clinical Overview - John Prowle
 09:20 Histopathology of AKI - Peter Boor
 09:40 Preclinical AKI models - Rachel Harwood
 10:00 Applications of MRI to AKI - evidence to date - Andrea Fekete
 10:20 The speakers from this session will be joined by Andrew Lewington and Nicholas Selby for a panel discussion

10:45 - Coffee

Imaging Outside of the Kidney
 11:15 Cardiac and cardiorenal syndrome - Patrick Mark
 11:35 Vascular (including reno-vascular) - Anneloes de Boer
 11:55 New insights into imaging techniques to improve Arterio-Venous Fistula (AVF) outcome  - Michela Bozzetto
 12:15 MR Imaging in dialysis patients - Eleanor Cox

12:30 - Lunch

MRI Clinical Research
 13:30 MRI in drug development pathways - Robert Unwin
 13:45 Clinical trial design for MRI studies - Richard Haynes
 14:00 Radiology - How will functional renal MRI be used in practice? - Doug Pendse
 14:15 ADPKD and clinical trials - Progress and future directions - Roz Simms

Closing Plenary: Future Directions of Renal MRI - Steven Sourbron

15:00 - Close