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Module Choice


What you need to know

On this page you’ll find general advice about choosing modules, as well as links to specific advice from your school or department relating to module enrolment for the 22/23 academic year.  

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Here’s some advice from our Careers and Employability Service: 

“Studying what you love and what suits your strengths improves your employability. Choose modules in which you are genuinely interested and which complement each other to get the most out of your studies, achieve the best you can and reach a strong position in the employment market."

We spoke to our students and here are some of their top tips: 

  1. Take this opportunity to broaden your horizons and expand your inter-disciplinary knowledge. If you’re studying languages, for example, consider choosing a business, psychology or classics module. 
  2. Consider your future choices. Think about what you might like to study in your final year and choose something that will prepare you for that. 
  3. Think about the assessment methods and play to your strengths. Do you prefer exams, essays or creative coursework?

Language learning opportunities

Fancy learning a new language? Or perhaps you want to improve existing skills alongside students from around the University? The Language Centre offers students the opportunity to study a language as a subsidiary module alongside their degree. Students who do not have spare credits can take a language module as a fee-paying student.

Learn more by visiting the Language Centre Information Hub on Moodle.

Language courses include Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Russian and Spanish.


Academic Departments by Faculty

Please follow the links below for your School or Department to read about the options available to you and details of events taking place to assist your decision making


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