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Module enrolment

Module enrolment

Online Module Enrolment is now closed

Online module enrolment has now closed. There will be a further period to amend Spring semester modules in early January.

Guidance on exceptional module amendment can be found here . If you are planning to submit a form, please complete and send to Student Services  titling your form Exceptional Module Amendment and including your School in the title of your message.


What you need to know

  • If all your modules next year are compulsory, no action is needed as you will be automatically enrolled in these modules.
  • Some courses do not allow you to amend choices at this time. You will have been notified if this is the case for your programme.
  • You are being asked to make choices from the restricted lists of modules on your programme of study which will be listed on the form.
  • Some programmes allow a free choice and if this is the case, you should had a box at the bottom of the form to make a selection from modules from other areas.
  • If your programme allows you to select a module from another School in place of one of these restricted modules (for example a language module) for consideration by your course director, please select a full 120 credits of choice from the lists. Then add in the notes field at the bottom of the form the alternative module you would like to be considered for in the other School and which of the modules selected you would drop if you got a space on this module.
  • You will only be able to submit the form once during this period so please ensure your choices are correct before you press the submit button.
  • Some modules have limited availability which you will see as you select those modules. Please note that your space is allocated on a module when you make the final submission of the form and not when you initially select the module.
  • The top of the form has links to full instructions, the curriculum catalogue and the timetable, which you might find helpful when making your choices.
  • You will only be able to submit your form if you have met relevant rules. These include selecting a full 120 credits (180 credits if on a postgraduate taught course), having an equal credit split between the semesters (or at least a 50/70 credit split) and selected the correct amount of credits from the lists.
  • Should you have any issues submitting the form, please either email  studentservices@nottingham.ac.uk titling your email Module Enrolment and including your School name in the title or visit your local Service Centre where Student Services staff will be able to help you.
  • If you are selecting a language centre module, you must attend one of their registration events for them to confirm your current level of the language. If you did not attend one of these in June, you will have to attend one in September or else your registration will be rejected. Details of these are available via the Language Centre module enrolment webpages.
  • Submission of the form does not guarantee you a place on the modules selected. Your choices will be reviewed by staff who will check that your choices meet the programme specification and that there are sufficient spaces on the modules. You will be informed if there are any issues with your choices.

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